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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:34

Şanlıurfaspor-Manisaspor Then the Match

Şanlıurfaspor-Manisaspor Then the Match
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PTT 1 League week 8 Şanlıurfaspor , defeated Manisaspor 1-0 at home.

Şanlıurfa news: Speaking at a press conference after the match Photo Şanlıurfaspor coach Leo Jihad , said the team's fans to attain Manisap match experience stress . Armstrong stated that fought a good team despite experiencing stress , \"We were struggling displacement for weeks . It was a very challenging period . This process we jumped very well until this week we have put taraftarımıza and our field . It was important to have the beautiful result of going on here . We're supposed to work hard for it. Match stress so scores very high that there we have collected had to be crowned the struggle we have done here . Kids think the game very good start , eager to start , found the position and started the press . it was a good match , hard of classical PTT league . of course I'm glad we won. Series victory in we needed came in the series win , \"he said . Photo supporter of Samsunspor played away the passolig problem and Arslan that you need to solve in the next international game , noted that the 26 points and the top to reach the target in the first half . the collect Photo targeted scores of supporters need Armstrong stressed heard , he continued ;
\"Taraftarımız driving force. When we get back to our fans , we arrive at the point we are targeting the first half. If we are successful in the second half'if there is a race , we're going into this race,'say we have a chance . I see 26 points in the first half of the dam . We receive each score 26 points on the inside of the pot puts us directly . Now we get 2 points on the tape. Very important. Won every game, that 26 points still closer . \"Photo MANISASPOR WALL Photo Manisaspor is Technical Director Taner Flood said they received despite fighting good players defeat. Flood , \"showed that players I thank the struggle that character. Maybe Manisaspor may appear at the bottom of the league but in the future more vivid than willing , will be a Manisaspor who knows what he's doing. We were supposed to leave at least one point. Congratulations also defeated Şanlıurfaspor'u but we left we took our own goal scored . Sure sorry but we congratulate our opponents , \"he said .

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