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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 20:19

Sarıgül:Barnes, Erbakan, Ecevit, Demirel generation

Sarıgül:Barnes, Erbakan, Ecevit, Demirel generation
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Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul, Antalya Deputy Chairman of the CHP, Deniz Baykal old Erbakan, Ecevit and Demirel generation that can no longer serve as ombudsman at the party, he said.

southern district of Denizli, Viticulture, Culture and Art Festival in Sarýgül, South Halit Gurbuz Mayor visited. Sarıgül here, answered questions from journalists. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu had invited him to the party, what he thought about it Sarýgül to a question, the local elections approaching, he said that since we met major democratic Turkey. Sarıgül,"to meet the democratic understanding of social democrats in power really is equivalent to advocating for many years. Adamıyız We have always the case. We'll run after davalarımızın. I have a job after today two. My first duty to maximize the international arena to carry the flag of the Republic of Turkey . second thoughts flag before the job was a great democratic local buluşmayla then I hope that together often carry the highest level."she said.

"Baykal, the Ombudsman has the task of NOW"

CHP leader Baykal, he does not want the old"I'll go if it is"to the effect that the scenes in the form of another the stay with the question, the word did not feel like Baykal said. Sarıgül,"He has not passed such a hot topic. But Mr. Deniz Baykal, God bless gani gani Erbakan, Mr Ecevit, was one of the closest colleagues. Mr. Barnes, Mr. Barnes has a belt there, Mr. Demirel. I Count God, I wish a long life to the Mr. Demirel Baykal. Mr. Barnes now has the task of the ombudsman. Deniz Baykal, the details I can not think of topics to be interested. said the possibility of such a thing, I'm not absolutely impossible.", he said.

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