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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:07

Sarikamish Honestly Significant Contribution to Education from Shepherd

Sarikamish Honestly Significant Contribution to Education from Shepherd
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Sarikamish found at martyrs memorial walk shepherd who delivered the bag to the owner, rather than giving them an award on receipt of the copy machine in the village school offered.

Kars news: Sarikamish found at martyrs memorial walk shepherd who delivered the bag to the owner, rather than giving them an award on receipt of the copy machine in the village school offered. Shepherd's request this significant donation campaign was conducted in the village school. Prof.
. Dr.. Bing led Sönmez Sarikamish with the participation of Solidarity Volunteers Sarikamish walk that took place to commemorate the martyrs lost in a bag, found by shepherds Hope Fire was sent to the owner. Sisli this example because of the behavior desired by the Rotary Club to reward Shepherd Hope Fire, instead of reward in the village wanted to be taken to school copier. Honesty with magnanimity and appreciated shepherd in the village for the school aid campaign was launched.
LOST BAGS find the owner tried very hard to
Sarikamish martyrs commemorate and cherish the memories in order Sarikamish 53 people belonging to various occupational groups from the Solidarity Volunteers Prof. Dr.. Bing July 1 to 7, 2013 under the chairmanship of Sönmez 9 Corps constituting 17 and 29 Division 22 in December 1914 to 2.5 days, and the"Top Ways referred to as"walking on the road was carried out. Depending on the grassy Narman district of Erzurum, starting from the village and 65 kilometers of hiking Bardiz completed in two thousand at an altitude of 700 meters was completed in 5 days.
Walk from Ankara veterinary Saplings High, lost bags in Allahuekber Mountains. Of materials required for telephone and walk in the bag, 29-year-old shepherd Hope was found by fire. Shepherd Fire, Sarikamish Solidarity Group Head. Dr.. Search Bing Sönmez veterinarian who owns the bag took Saplings High's address and bag sent by courier to High.
by Sonmez Sisli behavior of this sample was forwarded to the Rotary Club and the Shepherd's Fire, by the Rotary Club 'was awarded the Distinguished Career Award. Shepherd's Hope Fire instead of this award to be given to him from the village school officials wanted to be taken to the copy machine.
Shepherd's Hope ' Sarikamish this request and Rotary Club was appreciated by Solidarity Volunteers. Volunteers and Rotary Club members help the campaign by organizing the shepherd's village schools only copier is not in the various books and study materials which includes a large library, knee and desktop computers, wireless Internet connection system, projection devices and maps were provided.
Yesterday evening ceremony held at the Dedeman Hotel Gayrettepe aid materials collected in the campaign, Shepherd's Hope was delivered to the fire. The ceremony was a member of the Rotary Club of Şişli, as well as reading. Dr.. Bing Sönmez, veterinary Saplings High and Sarikamish Solidarity Volunteers also attended.
"HOPE, Atatürk pointed out is that the Peasantry"
Shepherd fire after the award ceremony held for Hope Professor answered questions from members of the press. Dr.. Bing Sönmez, was full of praise for the fire. Atatürk's"Peasant're masters of the nation,"he reminded Sonmez,"Hope pointed out that the villagers of Atatürk,"he said. He at first to be given the gifts did not accept the village's school asking for assistance Hope Fire Thank Sonmez,"I Sarikamish solidarity group members would like to thank, one from the copier set off two desktop computers, a laptop, a projector, 2200 books, eight large map and a lot of educational materials bestowed. Hope from the village of a person to me from the village, many prosecutors and officials coming out of, but no one in the village hopes to assist you said, I shepherd Hope to the village to be useful for thank you very much,"he said was used.
happy to be on such a night stated that the Hope Fire, The material collected has expressed his happiness with the relevant. Fever,"our village with their teachers were talking, a copier that they need they told me at my feet a chance like this comes my chance to experience and one would I want to maybe give a thought, but a lot more than they gave to everyone, thank you very much,"he said.

"HOPE FIRE acted nobly"
who attended the ceremony in Sisli Altai shepherd Peace Hope Rotary Club President thanked the fire. His good behavior unrequited want to leave said they Altai,"Rotarians today as corruption starting humane and moral values ​​fore him because he is very appreciative've. Him to reward wanted, but he more virtuous behavior showing an example of the aid did not accept the school copier asked . Such people are very happy to get to know,"he said.
Award ceremony ended after dinner.

Sarikamish Honestly Significant Contribution to Education from Shepherd" comments for.


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