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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:33

Sarikamish \"informative Against Drugs\"Seminar Held

Sarikamish \
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Students were informed in Kars district Sarikamish against drugs .

Kars news: Students were informed in Kars district Sarikamish against drugs . Photo Sarikamish District, Sarikamish Municipality, Kafkas University , Kars Police Department's contributions and Sarikamish Exchange Association, the organization of the Sports Hall \"informative Against Drugs\"seminar was held .
Mayor Göksal Toksoy the future the young people who are the guarantee of our community to become healthier individuals stated that it is the responsibility of all sections .
particular family of strictly children Mayor underlines the need to keep under control Göksal Toksoy , \"Families would not forget if you are staying passive on this issue with the perception does my child the greatest errors in the . our youth in this context, we have awareness obligation to . let them not forget our dear young that true love and happiness in cigarettes, alcohol, not drugs, they should call their own nest . with science standing apart from the bad group of friends , sports, live producing art is the most accurate , \"he said .
things according to human creation , utility has made things that are legitimate lawful rights of religious phrase supreme , but harmful things that are also forbidden and banned stated that Mufti vital petrels , \"We are a happy prophet's ummah, supreme as the servants of God , as those who benefit from its blessings, our thing for halal clean at dinner no beyis while not , in matters where his forbidden and prohibited meat should we treat meticulous , \"he said . Photo Workshops in later Sarikamish spoke Police Chief Census Sen, accompanied by a slide presentation \"Combating substance Abuse \"for informational presentation did . Sen, the purpose of all citizens , especially students is to raise awareness about alcohol and drug addiction , in which these types of meetings and seminars stressed the need to be organized frequently in coordination with public and civil society organizations. Photo Caucasus University Psychiatry Department Asst . Assoc. Dr. Serhat Bronze , harmful to health and physical of addictive substances , although the cause of mental and psychological disorders , social ethics, suicide and big losses that gave anlattı.b type of harmful substances , murder, prostitution , extortion, anarchy , family breakdown as irreversible consequences of revealed that Bronze attention of young people between 12-18 years of age who are at risk priority definitely said there needs to be kept away from these harmful substances. seminar followed by a Photo speech , Sarykamysh Anatolian Imam and Preacher High School Teachers and played by students, \"White Christmas \"at the theater ended .
seminar held in Sarikamish , Mayor Göksal Toksoy , district police chief Rashid Locksmith , PES Assistant Director . Assoc. Dr. Ali Dursun Aydin , Kafkas University, Department of Psychiatry, Asst . Assoc. Dr. Serhat Bronze , Kars Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized from the Crime Branch Police Chief Census Sen , District Editorial Director Mustafa Doğanay , District Mufti Vital minute hand , Sarykamysh Exchange Association President Saim tip of the apartment managers, NGO representatives, citizens and students participated . Photo

Sarikamish \"informative Against Drugs\"Seminar Held" comments for.


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