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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:25

Sarıveliler Occupational Health and Safety Training

Sarıveliler Occupational Health and Safety Training
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Sarıveliler municipality in the district of Karaman safety training was given to staff .

Karaman news:
municipal meeting hall in the training organized by unit managers working in various positions at the municipality joined the staff of t . Occupational Safety Specialists Talha Cavite Taşkıran, work accidents and occupational diseases, 98 percent could have been prevented , in which everyone's conscious work environment should work , he said.
Taşkıran, \"Business in the security of everyone's duty to fulfill a legal requirement . These obligations especially the worker's own life protection on behalf of is of great importance . Inadequate security measures because many employees are injured or even die . our goal is to do this through training accidents to a minimum download and a safer working environment is to provide , \"he said .
at the meeting, participants , employees'legal rights and responsibilities , work accidents and occupational diseases arising from the legal consequences, employment legislation, information about workplace cleanliness and order , chemical, physical , ergonomic risk factors, manual lifting and handling, work equipment safe use, safety and health signs, workplace hazards, job gave examples related to safety issues . Participants also the causes of occupational diseases , disease prevention principles and the implementation of conservation techniques , information on topics such as first aid was given .

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