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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:05

Saskia's 2015 budget is 280 million TL

Saskia's 2015 budget is 280 million TL
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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General and SASKİ Deputy General Manager Coşkun Jones, 3 main categories of water resources of saskia's strategic plan treatment and transmission, sewage-rainwater, creek rehabilitation and said that the development of the subscriber management system.

Samsun news: Photo Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration ( surprised) 4. The combination of the first session of the General Assembly of 2014 was held at the Metropolitan Municipality buildings . SAS the General Directorate 2015-2019 strategic plan that reads the Municipality of General Secretary and Deputy General Manager Coşkun SAS Jones, said saskia discussed the strategic plan of the 3 main basic . Jones, \"These are:water resources treatment and transmission, waste water-rainwater and to develop the creek rehabilitation and subscriber management system. Our purpose related to water resources treatment and transmission to ensure the protection of existing water resources and sustainability , global warming-induced scarce water resources are the for and service areas recently joined the town center and neighborhoods of the drinking water problem in a fundamental way in the creation of new water source for the settlement and development, healthy and purification in a quality manner water, healthy and high quality manner and communicated to the user of water , reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency. Wastewater-Our purpose related to stormwater and stream reclamation is without prejudice to the environment and human health of the wastewater generated in our service area set up to build the necessary structures and facilities to ensure the disposal and operate fully to ensure the control of industrial wastewater discharged to the sewer system , located within our service area for our coastal belt Blue Flag is made of receipt of the work done and stream improvement work . Our goal is related to the development of subscriber management system , the citizen satisfaction-driven subscriptions and collection process is simple, fast and accurate in all for making technical , take legal measures and ensure the sustainability of the services and training to ensure our employees who work at our institution and to increase the motivated . Our budget is £ 280 million in the first year of our strategic goal in 2015 . However, related studies , we will also begin in the coming days , \"he said . After councilors of SAS's statement that Jones Photo 2015-2019 Strategic Plan was adopted by unanimous vote.

Saskia's 2015 budget is 280 million TL" comments for.


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