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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 16:14

SAU rising in world rankings

SAU rising in world rankings
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Sakarya University (SAU) Turkish universities in Webometrics Rankings of World Universities list of the top 15 universities in Turkey rose by more than 4 digits in the input.

creates national Research Council of Spain (CSIC) in August 2013 by the açıklanan'Webometrics World Universities by Sıralaması'Türk list of universities rose by more than 4 digits compared to February 2013 data, was ranked 14th.

SAU worldwide, about 22 study evaluated 94 of the university as a thousand thousand, according to the previous list of 31 places around the world was elevated. Sakarya, Turkey in the list of 164 universities in the past 6 months increased by more than 4 digits moved up to 14th 18th ordinary. SAU is the list of European universities, which debuted at 374'üncü.

Popularity rank among the countries using the Internet users who access the data, which is an internet company based in the U.S. according to the list published by Alexa in two digits increase from four other universities in Turkey, Sakarya University 'took the third place. If the address of the web page SAU was 693'ncü of all web sites in Turkey.

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