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  • 23 Temmuz 2013, Salı 10:04

SAÜ'den 'mediation' training

SAÜ'den 'mediation' training
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By the Ministry of Justice of Sakarya University (SAU), Faculty of Law, is authorized to provide training in mediation in civil disputes.

Law No. 23 of 6325 Law on Conciliation

Article 28 of the Regulation on the Law and the Law on Conciliation under the Ministry of Justice by the SAU School of Law, for a period of 3 years, able to give training on mediation in civil disputes enabled. mediation, the parties involved with the system described in the Turkish legal sisteminde'mahkemesiz

adalet'olarak disputes without going to court to solve with the help of a third party neutral. The legal system in order to reduce the workload of the courts of this system on the agenda, according to the division of property, inheritance can be used as a mediator of private law disputes without a trial.

SAU training will be given at the Faculty of Law, for a total of 38 hours of lectures and 50 hours of 12 hours will be applied . Theoretical knowledge of the fundamental law of education is necessary to mediate 6 hours, 32 hours of technical knowledge and skills required for the administration of the mediation occurs. Education costs £ 500 thousand, respectively.

SAU, candidates who wish to participate in the training, 'Law on Conciliation Training can take information from reported Programı've contact information.

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