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  • 24 Kasım 2012, Cumartesi 21:33

Saved by 3 points Melo Galatasaray

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Stadium:Ataturk Referees:Free Yankaya, Jennifer Memişoğlu, Serkan Akal Sanica Pipe Elazigspor:Ivesa 6, Koksal 6, Bilica 6, Splendour 6, Orhan 6, Sezer 5, Murat 6, Faubert 6, Aydin 6 (min.


Sports Betting Super League match played between Sanica Pipe and Galatasaray Galatasaray Elazigspor 1-0 ended with the rule.

48 Umut Bulut

meeting minutes Nordin Amrabat pass the ball diagonally to the left, out of line of the penalty area but the ball defense shots and pulled back.

50 Meet at the ball on the left wing with a Nordin pass

minutes Amrabat'ın Albert Riera, in the middle of the penalty area did. Ivesa punch the ball away while trying to hit the ball Yekta Kurtuluş met networks. 0-1

61 Sabri Sarıoğlu'nun

minutes by air passing Yekta Kurtulus Meet at the ball in the penalty area with a corner kick by striking out the defense.

88 minutes, a long ball diagonally right to defense g

önderilen mobilized after entering into the penalty area, the goalkeeper Serdar Gürler Muslera'nın with the intervention of Fernando stayed in place. Free Yankaya referee showed point penalty. Muslera as a result of his intervention, was seeing a red card out of the game.

90 The geographic

because there is no right to the minute player Felipe Melo Galatasaray went to the castle. Melo, was able to recover the penalty kick Göksu used.

Yekta Kurtulus of Galatasaray scored the only goal in the absence of other goals in the match match 1-0 won.

Saved by 3 points Melo Galatasaray" comments for.


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