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  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 09:56

Saved bypass leg is cut from the arm

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Twice in the same vein in the heart stents and surgery who are at risk of disease due to COPD Tezcan flow , the bypass surgery arm and a leg amputated got rid of the danger .

Twice in the same vein in the heart stents and surgery who are at risk of disease due to COPD Tezcan flow , the bypass surgery arm and a leg amputated got rid of the danger .
severe ischemic heart and COPD patients , with leg veins also clogged gangrene with the danger faced 65-year-old Tezcan Flow's sole remedy surgery despite doctors, \"Anaesthetic later left on the table you saying\"surgery did not want to . And Cardiovascular Surgery Assoc. Dr. Joseph chalcone with local anesthesia in the arm with the help of a special synthetic grafts to both his groin artery bypass flow through the two legs were saved from being cut off .
Medical Park Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Joseph chalcone , \"with chronic illnesses and advanced age patients, minimally invasive vascular surgery is very valuable technique . 4 years active in our country are implementing and very successful results you're getting . Standard risks of surgery in the art does not exist. Because patients with local anesthesia and surgery, we take the patient's consciousness is open because every moment easily able to keep up . these techniques were operated 100 years nearing our patients was also said.
arm vein bypass grafting the patient's leg gangrene recover stated that they Assoc. Chalcosine , \"arm vein bypass too often we apply not a technique , but we have no choice in critically ill patients . Tezcan two stents in his heart and that is the brain stents prone to premature clogging . It was not possible to bypass the heart . Therefore, the compulsory use of stent occlusion lest there were also some drugs that are causing them to bleed . However, we do still have this surgery . Do not do it because after a while the patient could have lost his leg . Risk patients who underwent minimally ivaziv technique for this kind of technique is really important . Almost all of the patients in the standard surgical risk remains . This gives us an advantage in surgery . In these patients, 1.5 to 2 inch incision under local anesthesia with arm vein bypass leg did. Unable to walk , limp happy man now . Surgery took 2 hours . Intensive care patients need to go to a regular room , but we got to , we've discharged on 2nd day', \"he said .
postoperative express their feelings that flow , \"I for many years as a truck driver did stand my ground a non-human I of this until I was . But heart disease, after COPD diagnosis made ​​me tired. past in December, serious heart disease'm told , angiography was performed , after the stent was implanted .'s so much shortly after the leg pain started. almost could not walk . because while standing leg pains consisted of . Ph.D. we looked again about it, the only solution is surgery that but I have surgery's very risky , they said. this children's research studies Dr . Yusuf bey reached , inspection've been and I can operate , he said. surgery agreed. good thing then we , I feel very good ,''he said.
the last 4 years in our country, in high risk patients performed under local anesthesia and a small incision made ​​with minimal invasive vascular surgery technique for patients with chronic diseases and the elderly were reported to be successful .

Saved bypass leg is cut from the arm" comments for.


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