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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:13

Saved from the Citizen Police Sms At defrauded

Saved from the Citizen Police Sms At defrauded
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A retired citizens living in Burdur, Police from the General Directorate \"He prosecutors , police and against fraudsters posing as soldiers \"2 hours after receiving stimulant SMS people who want to defraud 12 thousand pounds call in itself from Adana was caught by paying 10 pounds .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, events , centers of Yüregir , occurred in the neighborhood of the Republic . Allegedly, retired Mehmet A., living in Burdur ( 70 ) came before an SMS to the phone . When she opened Mehmet A. sms \"He prosecutors , police, or believe those who demand money with soldiers name . The police , prosecutors or does not want money gendarmes from you. Call now 155 In such cases, \"he wrote .
About 2 hours after Mehmet A., his phone rang . Mehmet A.'before the name of the person on the phone to give you confidence , he asked where she was telling me how many children. Mehmet A. The \"Who are you asking why you are saying all these things ,\"he said . Saying that on that party itself commissioner Jack, \"I called for a special task. To transfer money to enter terrorist organizations account of the separatist terrorist organization . If we do not intervene if the money in your account will be passed to the hands of PKK . Therefore, the deposit account will give the money numbers in your account. Money you deposit into the account state guarantee will be in , when the operation ends will be returned to you . If you see the process of aiding and abetting if you do not work with us . We will not share this information with anyone , covert operation , the share you too anyone. Let us know all the money in your account . If you do not transfer will be your money both also will eat the terrorist stamp , \"he said .
wanted to say that on Mehmet A. that he is 2 hours before warning sms beside understanding that defrauded because it is his wife from one side talking on the phone the other hand, the 155 call and tried to be defrauded . Thereupon he told his wife to call 155 events . Burdur pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau police immediately came to Mehmet A.'s house. I want to say that the money invested to continue the conversation. Giving the account number on the suspect , Mehmet A.'He wanted the 12 thousand pounds deposit accounts in here . Mehmet A. account taken of the person's ID number and the name of the police to deposit the money immediately determine which slept with . Would or money to a post office branch in the Republic of Adana neighborhood. Mehmet A.'taking into account a Post Office branch police said the suspect in yatırttırıp 10 pounds invested 12 thousand pounds. The suspects immediately headed to the post office branch . Burdur came into contact with the police to police the island. Adana Security Directorate teams pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau began posing as customers wait for entering the post office branch . He said a person's name would come Mehmet A. whether the deposit itself. PTT office assistant at the money lying in the account because it is aware of the incident said that the 10 pounds he gave money to the suspect. Said party money 12 thousand pounds would be a mistake , but officials say that it is investigating , or 10 pounds , he said . I want to quit this party immediately upon suspecting PTT branches but police suspect caught in PTT branches. Investigation conducted by the police in the name of Lamu B. ( 30 ) that the designated person , the police claimed that the query itself swindle . The suspects were referred to court after interrogation . Was sent to prison by the court removed .

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