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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 20:04

Say the wind blew in the town Karaöz

Say the wind blew in the town Karaöz
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Famous pianist Fazil Say , depending on the district of Kayseri Sarıoğlan Karaöz gave a concert in the town .

Kayseri news: Famous pianist Fazil Say , Kayseri Sarıoğlan connected to the district Karaöz in town gave a concert.
Sarıoğlan ileçs connected to Karaöz Town renowned pianist Fazil Say's open-air concert townspeople and surrounding counties in the citizens showed great interest . The concert began with a song called Say's hometown , the Serenade Baðcan assumed soloist . Say , then , is composed of different works in concert with other parts of the fans , had a memorable day .
world-renowned artists come to town from the townspeople say they are happy , thanks to artists such as the name of the town said that there is . Number of fans who filled the town square , in the area where the concert took to the roofs of neighboring houses could not find . Say for the concert came from the town of Kayseri, said that the husband of a citizen named Aysegul Esen , artists happy to see in the town square , he said .

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