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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 14 Temmuz 2013, Pazar 10:35

SBS exam copies shock

SBS exam copies shock
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Istanbul Mehmet-Bedia Hedgehog Selma Elementary School student Asude Kalebek, disappointed with the results of the SBS. Rate announcement, including the information, Kalebek'in math score 'binary copy of the cancellation of the grounds calculated.

Selma, who is running for 3 years Asude

Kalebek SBS, copies of the exam is definitely no fear, saying it was in great distress, he said. Although it is difficult exam went well, emphasizing the Kalebek, 'So you might want to like high school. But look at the result for all the questions iptali'yazıp matematikte'ikili copy has not been canceled, so as to. That's why I want to I can not go to high school. I get almost the same number of points a student worked. Preferred time is just around the istiyorum'dedi your help to fix.

Kalebek Baba Mustafa Kayhan, the whole family were in shock, highlighting wanted to correct the mistake as soon as possible. He and his wife Kalebek teacher stated that her daughter insisted that a successful student. Kalebek at making choices, stay a while underlining the father, 90s, 80s, '3 year average, which indicates success in the exams into classrooms TO THE alleged daughter is suffering from copies were shocked. A and B, with booklet, supervisors and heads of living, which is a system to warn anyone holding one report of an optical reader, how is it to coincide with each other as a result of Right and Wrong cancellation of binary copy of the child's life shifted, education suffers frustration, I do not understand life. Used for the correction of başvuracağım'ifadelerini every way.

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