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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:37

Scams Money And Gold While waiting, they Inside Al Newsprint Paper Bag

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Call women working in a law office in Malatya, who introduced themselves as police 2 wants to cheat money and gold instead of sending patrol teams of newspapers in paper bags, suspects caught red-handed .

Malatya news: 15 days ago in Malatya in two separate incidents in the area of ​​109 thousand money swindlers arrested, the last victim of the incident \"would go 10 years of experience ,\"he said . Photo Fraudsters caught out by events developed as follows . Aygun Kaçmaz working in a law firm , opened the office of the stolen phone , download the parties whether the mobile phone from the woman introducing herself as police called again. Fake police , \"Identity lost , they're making now money from the account. Operations will do . Just shoot the ever money in the bank ,\"he said . Photo Event describing Aygun Kaçmaz , \"After I lost my identity , I believe the event. Phones They wanted me to shut . They wanted no institution not contact me . they said I testified to go to court after the operation . There are two courthouses in Malatya , when I say I go to which , to me,'You're going to the nearest'he, I suspect fraud , because there is one court in Malatya. I went to the bank in OK. Y in my office together I had a friend I worked , because the phone is open , I want her paper, typing police search . came to the bank a short time, police officers and state have done , such as taking money out of realizing the bank. I'm relieved the cops came . they wanted the receipt number, they wanted to know and take the money . they asked mention it home I pulled the money. they wanted me to go home. I gave an address close to my house and went to the address I gave riding his police car. I'm going to go home and said he wanted to learn to hear the sound of the door opening . I also opened the door closes . Home gold for money from me and they asked me to put the empty bag and leave the land they wanted me to walk through the neighborhood they give back to looking at a rapid pace . I put the paper bag paper given by the police and I left empty land . After police teams in every two persons caught , \"he said . Photo victimization Kaçmaz Aygun , \"those who do not believe in such events. I put newspaper and paper bag given by the police . I put a stack of paper money in the view. I thank the cops. I was very scared . Would go to the 10-year life savings if I were not cops , \"he said . Photo Police teams while trying to get prepared bag with newspaper paper İ.B. the scene being captured , while the other suspect Hu escape Sanliurfa in the village garage were detained while trying caught . < Br/> in the survey, 80 thousand from a woman on October 13, 2014 in Malatya both suspects , a male if the parties currency in 29 thousand TL was found again their involvement in receiving incident the same way. to the court after
query issued every two suspects arrested for they were sent .

Scams Money And Gold While waiting, they Inside Al Newsprint Paper Bag" comments for.


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