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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:53

Scarecrow progress of the stream edge

Scarecrow progress of the stream edge
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Tavşanlı Provincial Assembly Member Osman Oral life and after the improvement of rivers, threatening the loss of property , saying they did guard band and railings in this area , \"Sahin and will continue the work we began our Köseler village.

Kütahya news: I would like to thank everyone who contributed , \"he said .
Oral, Tavşanlı Village Services on the superstructure along with the infrastructure work done in the villages as the Union stating that they carry out studies on various topics , made ​​creek rehabilitation villages in life and around the creek pose a threat in terms of property security protection band and open balustrade they do.
the statement reported that implements the first examples of the Köseler village with Sahin . Photo Osman oral, \"way within the framework of the Special Administration and Union allowances in Tavşanlı village , sewerage, drinking and irrigation water , village mansion , too purpose room, hardwood and so on. the scope of activities to improve the social image of the village next to the garbage collection work with , given the importance of environmental cleanliness. The edges of streams that are open on the other hand can last and the treated commodities have started to develop their village and threatens internal security. In particular, we did a separate study by Sahin and leathery village in the creeks and railing guard band for it. Our members-Union Council of Provincial Assembly Service , Administration and Governor Numan has Hatipolu's efforts. I thank those who contributed to the \"was he said.
Studies Köseler we get their views on the village headman Khalil Resistance is the importance of many of the studies , said the change of the almost face the village. Hear the Provincial Assembly members and labor thanked on behalf of the villagers to last . ( BC-EFA)


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