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  • 09 Eylül 2014, Salı 11:49

\"School Age Children Breakfast Subscribe to the Absolute \"

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In these days when the school opened, the experts emphasized the importance of school health , school age children should be pointed out that surely made ​​breakfast .

Samsun news: In these days when the school opened, the experts emphasized the importance of school health , school age children should be pointed out that surely made ​​breakfast .
a portion of the nearly 20 million students this week that education starts , the other part of education and training will start next week reminding Public Health and Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. M. Emin Dinççağ , has highlighted the importance of school health . Almost one-fourth of Turkey's population consists of students attending school is reminiscent of Dr. M. Emin Dinççağ , \"future important tasks coming generations that the country's future will be interested . His school health is of paramount importance . Because our children , our students , these rankings have gained knowledge and skills of their own and other generations'health mentioned in the will have . Healthy eating habits around this time learn , cleanliness and hygiene concept in this period will be introduced , exercise and fitness benefits of doing this at the time learn , \"he said .
School age children must be built and breakfasts to teach this habit expressed by Dr. Dinççağ , \"Breakfast and a healthy diet be healthy, the sine qua non is . At breakfast, milk, eggs , such as quality proteins , molasses , such as iron and calories, which is a source of natural foods must be taken . School canteens received from , chips and cola drinks and confectionery products for health, very convenient is not to be explained. school canteens , milk, buttermilk and fresh washed packaged fruit sold should . Chickpeas and nuts , iron content is high and the fat and protein sources such as zinc essential elements of the rich foods should be purchased , \"he said .
one of the most serious health problems of our age, childhood obesity was also underlines the Public Health and Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.M. Sure Dinççağ , \"especially for children, poor diet and a sedentary to prefer , over at the computer not as a result of this emerging health problems , school desks in the health education can be overcome with . Worldwide, which is a problem of childhood obesity and school children playing games , eating healthy , chips and fastfood food , avoiding and health are helpful for learning that can escape . at a computer for prolonged periods , childhood games injured children plenty of play and exercise health is necessary for the training should take . this school for physical education lessons should be given to , \"he said . < br/>
health protection and development of children of school education should be given indicating that Dr. Dinçaçğ , description, concluded:\"Oral and dental care every day for a regular tooth brushing and sugary foods after the oral hygiene should be taught . Teeth in good health in the absence future, many develop the disease will increase. Preschool periodic examinations and vision, hearing , anemia, growth retardation edilmelidir.b identify the types of health problems , poor school performance is adversely affected . among students for her blood tests and parasite examination should be done. \"

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