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  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 10:32

School Beginners Attention to sleep and appetite problems in children

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Clinical Psychologist Merve Büyükkucak , mother and home longer stay apart for a child is scary and worrisome and said, \"The feeling in the direction of the school not wanting to go , crying spells , sleep and appetite disturbances can live ,\"he said .

Clinical Psychologist Merve Büyükkucak , mother and home longer stay apart for a child is scary and worrisome and said, \"The feeling in the direction of the school not wanting to go , crying spells , sleep and appetite disturbances can live ,\"he said .
Büyükkucak , said in a statement , the school is just beginning to be for children as well as for families is also very important and was a great experience , saying , \"New things , new bag , taking a lot of preparation to be done and the surrounding children go to school and now he also grows schools have for many children eagerly awaited is a condition . However, some children and their parents very exciting for this experience also for some very intense anxiety and fear shadowed by can , \"he said .
Büyükkucak school on the first day the concerns raised and fear is quite normal should be considered , noting that said:
\"because of this situation both children and parents fairly new and a lot of obscurity hosting is a condition . we do not know and foresee we are forced situations in all of us cause for concern , and this concern is always bad or being disruptive does not have to . many cases, anxiety , coping our borders when they do not , and with the situation in proportion can be considered doses is focused , motivated and even act to even help is an emotion . And this feeling is natural in this process, both children and parents can adopt for themselves is a very important part of the adaptation process . Of course, a new environment , new friends, mother and children at home for a longer stay apart can be scary and worrisome . Likewise, for a parent than the child being separated for a long time and even school children entrusted to the idea of ​​another setting can be challenging . This feeling is so intense in many cases children separation anxiety in accordance with the school not wanting to go , crying spells , sleep and appetite disturbances experienced can start school process both children and parents in terms of a lot difficult by inserting the adaptation process can extend . \"
In this process many emotions Besides the fact that maybe this process is the most important part of this great day, going from mother separated and individuated child's development is a big step , adding that \"the school experience for all ages, a great learning environment, although at the same time for a child from their parents separate stand-alone environment to be able to stay there, and be able to socialize as well as gain skills in terms of importance. Experienced separation from parents at the beginning of the school process , although difficult for both children and parents as though the fact that every separation \"magnifying \"roll. This growth so to speak \"the mother of the child \"to \"school children \"s will be converted into the form . But of course, this growth of the parents , especially the mother in this context , allows you to be emotionally is very important. What is meant here by allowing the mother can live with this club during this growth potential concerns that children living with both pleasure is the ability to balance the situation . But unfortunately this is not always easy to balance . Especially tight-knit , almost adjacent mother-child dyad in the mother's child separate from monophobia to live away from him when it protect against dangers to Parliament that his state of anxiety can make it difficult , \"he said .
In a similar situation said the mother's child on the one hand to start school, his excitedly with his mother leave you alone about living with guilt and his mother duo the state offered him a safe and sheltered environment that it leaves the fear of missing that point Büyükkucak , he continued:
\"in such a case the child toward school encourage business in terms of parent drops. School starts, and is separated from the mother and child if there is a difficulty in this case necessarily experiencing difficulties in the separation of a mother's presence is possible to mention . New kids how stressful or dangerous situation hints that there may be following their parents'feelings and behaviors , try to understand by looking at them . Therefore, mothers should be aware of feeling on this issue , the emotional burden of the past brought this case to understand the effects of a healthy child can complete this process and in terms of the transition is of great importance . An expert on this subject , if necessary, by supporting the healthy growth more comfortable way to overcome obstacles . This is an important change and innovation cases both parents and their families in terms of a more harmonious and relaxed practical application an important secret ; another conflict as a family to go through this process of change is to take care . for instance ; start school at the same time a transport case or mother to begin work , such as the birth of a new sibling , each in its own separate process that requires an adaptation process changes that will put even more difficult . While paying attention to their children on the one hand to support possible, of course . First, the school environment and school life to create realistic expectations about the child's life by preventing frustration will facilitate adaptation . for instance ; a pre-school institution in question even if the only \"fun \"part would be misleading to focus on . What if the school as a pleasant environment that is being gradually clearer and more consistent application of the rules is a place where begin . However, the process of school child's life should be seen as a sharp turning point . for instance ; With the start of school will get all the toys and the game would not be the right attitude will not declare . Even though every child is starting school \"still \"that arise from a child needs a game . It is important to balance the child's school , a good time to make plans in the future to learn and study the balance between entertainment and sat in the sense that an adult can be a healthy and happy is to take a step . for instance ; doing homework on the course will be a terrific request . This should not surprise parents . Is important here is the child's own wishes and desires certain responsibilities and obligations to adjourn learned ability . \"
Büyükkucak ,\"every difficult situation as well as parents with their children to speak their feelings, trying to understand and it can express himself to the definition in school adaptation process facilitator will be . Of course, at first, may be afraid, can worry ; so-called \"fear or worry \"should not be called . This is the exact opposite on anlaşılmamışlık in creating a feeling of anger will lead to more . Instead of \"yes , school about to begin're nervous , you're worried , do not know the environment you're going and mother very hard to leave , but gradually these feelings easier and there are more and start enjoying you'll see that\"may be more appropriate . At this point, the child's pre-deal the moments to remind parents and believes in it, you can feel or parents their start school experience examples of the present understand it and feel them to help , \"he said .
Büyükkucak in this process difficult emotions , especially anxiety to deal with not the best way to obscurity by reducing predictability and a sense of control is to increase underlining said:
\"nowadays, many schools implemented by the school term orientation programs in this sense is quite functional can be . Similarly, parents with children in school, classes can visit , if possible, the teacher can introduce the children . To get up in the morning routine in order to avoid an abrupt transition can begin a week in advance , clothes and bags the night before can prepare together . In order to simplify the process of separation and separation section of going to school with their roleplay or free games can be played with the device , as the child's physical, mental as well as to prepare himself to the school routine can help. When the day comes mainly children leave school at a particular time (eg hours of cookies and milk ) to come get him , then his own days at school can provide information on how to write a will . Despite all this, the parents of this stress-coping forced believe they will , the children start school after the developmental sense flashback starts living , daily functioning, failing and becoming an improvement does not necessarily consult a specialist is necessary. Of course, every change is challenging and painful for each growth . Increasingly grow with the start of school and the parents of the children they see that this process be concerned , stress is so natural . However, it should be remembered that every child aware of his own fear and anxiety , which can control them , standing strong and sturdy adults , parents are in need . \"

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