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  • 22 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:20

School of Fear Me , School Anxiety MI ?

School of Fear Me , School Anxiety MI ?
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Children are often attracted attention you could start school experienced experts fear , this fear has turned into a general state of anxiety that needs to be checked reported.

Adana news: Children usually start school fear can live notable experts fear that a general state of anxiety changing to check that should be reported.
Acibadem Adana Hospital, Clinical Psychologist Goksu TELMAC , said in a statement , ending crying , drowsiness , a general spreading parents addiction go to school refusal , breathe on me out of the morning service time neared to throw physiological symptoms start school in the process of fear often observed in many children is a process , stressing that \"these symptoms school anxiety and general anxiety score mark can be ,\"he said .
0-6 , aged infancy and early childhood period , the world and life by the child was discovered , innovations and therefore full of fears of a period , indicating that the TELMAC , 6-9 age range of the children's abstract ideas into high hopes still fully seated judgment of the period in question be noted. TELMAC this age of children in the darkness , thieves, noise , strangers, water or animals, as well as many different environments and objects not afraid to normal , he said .
\" FEAR AND ANXIETY not the same thing \"
Clinical Psychologist TELMAC fear and anxiety two different mood pointed out that the difference explained:
\"Everybody can be seen in horror often a significant state are directed . anxiety is as of non-existent but possible acceptable against the dangers heard more insidious emotional state . example, a hot object before touching attention to people referring emotions can be experienced is fear . these fears that cause risk factor is realistic. , however, left the house after the stove left on the thinking that the whole side of the house can fear a big fire to imagine is anxiety . here is a little cause of fear is transformed into a concrete possibility . Children can be afraid of something significant . Besides, against a variety of situations with different doses and forms of anxiety can feel . Anxiety state level and shape of the parents'attitudes, children's character traits and environmental factors determine . \"
particular attachment period, each 0-3 years old child , binding object, leaving the mothers who have experienced intense anxiety TELMAC , \"his mother go to work , even nursery allowed to become accustomed to what happens when a child does not know can be a state . Therefore, the main concern is received by the family continues until there . If after starting ends when you leave the door crying and children's classes now quieted down when we can say that if the child has adapted . Cries the chance to stay at home with the child's comfort zone is observed in experiments . But some children Decrypt who does not cry and concerns lives , \"he said .
At this point, the child's anxiety for the risk group whether there is a need to identify that said Clinical Psychologist TELMAC risk groups as follows:
\"Parental separation of experience who have:Kids more never before grandmother or grandmother boarding If there is no family without even one day go on holiday , if even the mother or father is very protectionist , and if the child's other parent alone is not going anywhere do not permit children of this state ,'not safe for my family always there for me with'message means . In this case, the new environment and experience abandonment feeling can create .
Anxious parents, those with:Parents or carers overly worried if the attachments , if the child constantly intervene if it is , overprotective approaching this if the kids all their lives worried about the risk of being carries .
not clarified the school decision:Peer themselves to school to launch is not clear if the child in any medium'It's too early to why did you ?'sentences such as hearing , if many networks because some days to go to school to be if allowed crying behavior is increasing, and is reinforced. Therefore, first of parents to send their children to school ready and needs to be determined . Done first must , if the child every time they cry what you want to do the impression that to get rid of the provision. \"
adaptation process to facilitate PROPOSAL
Clinical Psychologist TELMAC , the adaptation process will facilitate the following recommendations found in:
\"Reliable select a school . 2 for nursery , primary , wait for 6-7 years for . Especially in primary schools , the early start . On the right of an important event in life to start a school . For example, the birth of siblings , divorce, the city changes , losses in such cases, you should allow at least 2 months . Do not use the school as a threat . Children with teacher intimidation . Nursery education increasingly set up a schedule . In the early days 1-2 hours, after school hours in the growing drop. He do not disappear without you . In this case, fear of losing you at any time . If you knew you would cry , saying goodbye to her leave. Keep as short as possible to leave the ceremony . Friends , crackers, biscuits will be distributed to the class and allow your child to distribute . When the warm ties with friends will accelerate adaptation . Give him a little reward . Beware of punishment and aggressive approach . If your child find it difficult to start primary school , sitting with him in the class for relaxation . If it starts and how it goes Some things you can always ask next . Give her the opportunity to get used to . Each child's basic emotional needs, do not forget to spend quality time with . So the boy , more satisfied and more comfortable thanks to a parent contact will be without heat . \"

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