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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:25

Schools were registered the Security Police

Schools were registered the Security Police
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In the district of Zonguldak Eregli'Safe Education'project, each school safety was a police supervisor for debit .

Zonguldak news: Karadeniz
. Project created by ereğli'Safe Education'project by Police Chief Timur Ozgen PTA executives and reporters were told. Karadeniz . Ereğli Discussion meeting took place at the meeting Ozgen, a slide show accompanied by the participants of the project objectives and about the content gave detailed information .
Eregli 2012 and 2013 the police in schools crimes by identifying on the scientific analysis that are doing Ozgen, accordingly, each school responsibility given to a police officer told. Crime was committed, the most senior officer appointed to the school stating that the Ozgen, in order to reduce the crime rate in schools only crime measures would not be sufficient , in the families argued that this intervention should support . Around schools in public places and liquor store in areas such as students'bad habits does not obtain with other agencies in cooperation every precaution receivables , as well as around the school youth drug to sell to employees of opportunity would not voiced. Schools in circles continuously civil police officers would be found describing Ozgen \"Our students between classes , lunch break and a or out of school in the know around schools monopoly dealers there . Oral bad habits to acquire suitable places. Hence we work within the municipality have included . Municipal Our schools around the whole place the license terms to supervise .-of-school factors need to be concerned around the school students parties without the presence of both poor lighting determinations regarding going to do . concern with the school to become a party around schools exist especially regarding parent-teacher associations and parents to send a message , I would like us our power as around schools and civilian personnel will retain . not everybody is the news you get . our students to bad habits to refer to people who work here , in a sense giving a message let us be . ever thought possible from where the police can be . Hence the school unrelated individuals and then around schools there to be more sensitive we believe that . Civilian staff in the school environment such persons will follow. Required drug selling enterprise in the need to sell cigarettes in his attempt to found and both our children different habits dispatch employees unexpected in a place opposite the police will find , \"he said .
Kdz. Eregli Governor Ibrahim Tea , prepared projects soon followed , and in schools to ensure safety maximum importance for show , he said. Governor Tea work in schools only security dimension that expression, poor training of students to meet the needs on issues such as the state's use facilities , he said. Tea also this year across the county 4 thousand 500 tons of fuel coal donated they gave the information .


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