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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 19:26

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light:

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light:
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Çayırova joined the AK Party, Kocaeli 3. Ordinary Congress in the district of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light , \"Republican People's Party , you apologized to Nuri DEMİRAL and family ,\"he said .

Kocaeli news: Photo Speaking at the Congress of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light , \"do politics for some authorities , politics is not made to authorities in the AK Party. The AK Party has to do politics. basis of our understanding of the consent of the right in our politics is the hearts of the people. Our Party continues to progress with this approach surely. AK Party's yeast solid . There are countries in services for the love of the dough the AK Party. we are working for 12 years day and night for him. for 12 years our people the choice we enter gave the necessary support us and reward us , \"he said .
now, Turkey is not escaping the country , light , indicating that the countries that point , \"50 years ago, children coming descendants of the people we sent so that they make money. There are a success story ahead 12 years. in 2002, as the AK Party government took over we country's democracy certificate was zero. it, too was poor . Kurdish brother'I am Kurdish \"can not say . My brother was hiding the Alevi Alevi identity . think about all of us in our 2002 wishes girls wearing headscarves at universities mAsIndI back door . Thank goodness can go to school with headscarves , and more can be cross-officer . From where , \"he said . Photo speech criticizing the Republican People's Party Cabinet Light with harsh words , \"Turkey is trying to pull each successive period of some powers from trotting down we all know . When caught in a splash of Turkey , the country's own energy immediately remove an uproar in Turkey were provided in the spending itself. Science, Industry and Technology'm the secretary . We missed the first industrial revolution in the world . Sanayileşirk very fast in the last 70 years , unfortunately the time spent with the right-left conflict Turkey. A brave one output growing rapidly in Turkey in the world aircraft industry in the 1930s, said Nuri DEMİRAL I will do to this country and made aircraft . 8 aircraft and blew one did . But the CHP mentality , then there is no difference between the present day management of the CHP , the CHP mentality. This guy would be trouble in the future to our heads , party establishes man he deliberately sank . Now they prate of honesty disappeared . They prate No Longer patriotism. Before You Nuri DEMİRAL and apologized to the family. Such a hero, he just gets us to an understanding of the opponent's sinking , the honesty in Turkey today , no sense of patriotism from dem shoot , \"he said.

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