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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 19:19

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light:

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Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light , President between Erdogan and his son in relation to the sound recording , \"The soundtrack of the first terms of both style and background and sound relationships when I listened to it once I felt that it was fitting .

Ankara news: I'm still the same opinion , \"he said . Photo Cabinet Light , answered Plan and Budget questions from MPs in the Commission. Light, saying that late industrialization in Turkey , said he lost time due to sibling conflict of industrialization. Light, \"Our society began in the 70 with the urbanization of the world's most advanced countries was whether the standard of service it offers. It has also brought costs. Looking at the spending we do with our national income gross national product of 10 thousand dollars , we look at purchasing power parity 19 thousand-20 thousand dollars, \"he said . The mention support from product to Photo Idea Project Light, \"Currently,'my idea'said to support up to market we give . We provide 100 thousand grant. If 100 thousand pounds in order to evaluate if the product arrived to remove 75 percent of the grant from TUBITAK programs we support up to 550 thousand TL . Here, too, was successful. I went to the commercialization path , the company we also support the techno-invest up to 10 million pounds to pass safely , \"he said . Said they had been forced to use a Photo of R \u0026 D budgets Light, R \u0026 D, said he wanted qualified people . Light regarding Crypto phone the state , he said that there is a structure that try to infiltrate into . Light, \"our primary duty of the state to be cleaned from inside the building . No state does not allow restructuring itself. This structure was confirmed that the encrypted phones and listen without an organized structure in the rest of the phones can not be encrypted . If TÜBİTAK , who wrote the crypto team , tib't liaison between the team unless he knows the encrypted e-mail phone number it is achieved . Password of dissolved unobtainable data to be converted to sound again . It is clear that the structure is organized and structured in the structure of the state . The encryption we change the phone software , \"he said . Light in relation to his phone conversation with
President Erdogan, the prime ministership of his son ,\"This is an audio recording of the first terms of both style and background and sound relationships when I listened to it once I felt that it was fitting . I'm still the same opinion. Took TUBITAK , looked,'assembly'said. Where the bottom ? On Youtube that . Then he sent the audio recording prosecution TUBITAK. I think a great injustice done . The prosecution asked for an examination of official audio recordings. 3 of our friends viewed it. Very clear'assembly'they said. Baccarat spool'They found that m of the installation. If I said my installation , did reset , he had to spell out my audio recording on YouTube . Open to all laboratories. These parallel structures sent to a place in the UK for mounting to prove that it is not .'Installation'he said. Youtube audio recording still stands. Copyright go . My feeling is still present in my installation , \"he said .

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light:" comments for.


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