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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:26

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Light:\"Parallel Structures have been successful , would come under very serious threat \"

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Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light is successful inability to parallel structure , avoid to come under very serious threat , he said.

Frankfurt news:
Light, German city of Frankfurt is located near Hanauer meeting held at the public addressed.
of European Turkish Democrats Union ( UETD ) by Taylor Wedding Hall organized events among the audience , Frankfurt Consul General Horizons Planters , Consul Ozkan Durmaz , UETD President Suleyman Celik, Hessen Regional Chairman Mustafa Kasalak and Light Consulting General Manager Mehmet Ergün such names were also present .
wE ARE CENTERED are moving
to the task , while various targets determine stating Mustafa Kasalak , \"One of these political lobbying was to sustain . , I is not centered , we-centered work to pave the way took part . Civil society organizations and strengthen our ties have . assistance for people who need to support the direction we have taken steps . at this point, Mr. Consul General Horizons Planters'to support us in the fight against our citizens thank you for that . Apart from that, we attach importance to cultural activities and excursions . Finally, we pay special attention to work with spiritual feet . Mosque Regards, instructor together with our children, our spirituality with regard to support the effort , \"he said .
AK Party close to
uetd'n this year, 10th year and that expressing Suleyman Celik, the purpose is to defend the rights of their citizens in Europe , he added . noted that in many walks of people UETD Steel, \"do not want to leave out anyone . Anyone who is not hostile to the state and nation are located here . We're close to the AK Party . We do not reject it . On the contrary, we express pride . This government recognizes the right to vote for us after 50 years . In Europe, we have 2.5 million select them . We have to increase participation in these elections . Holidays and hundreds of miles if we pay attention , given the number of votes of the more even I would say that , \"he said .
Germany during his visit and science centers as well as in Turkish society opportunity to meet with representatives stated that the Minister of Light , \"2014 Turkish-German scientists for years . This year we care about. Between Turkey and Germany want to increase joint scientific activities . Now Turkey's agenda has changed. In the old days were the most recognized names in the IMF's ordinary officers . What's on the agenda of the IMF's Turkey these days there , what a headscarf is oppression , nor have Cottarelli . A billion dollars in 2001, called the country will go bankrupt if not found , helping billions of dollars to other countries today . Just Syrian refugees is costing us $ 4 billion . Now you do not need the IMF there is a Turkey . Now, their weapons , their own satellites, there is a Turkey , \"he said .
Turkey's 233 billion dollars of GNP ( GDP) of 820 billion reached $ saying that the Minister of Light , they are not sufficient and the 2023 target of $ 2 trillion is expressed. than 12 years the distance the enviable success record is Light, \"Therefore ayağımıza trip for those who want our strength to break those who want . Against these too have to be careful , \"he said. Now in R \u0026 D and innovation, aggressive, stressed that they support the light in the past, everyone innovation while investing for lost time tries to compensate said.
young people can understand the first two days to save the trees, the light sensitivity , \"Then they sort out their demands . Channel Istanbul , the third bridge , meets the third airport . Fortunately, these days , thanks to our President upright posture have survived . After the second operation started . If there is a corrupt file to the court immediately . Why do you expect from 2008 until 2014 ? These parallel structures have been successful , it would be under serious threat . Dispense justice people receive instruction from other places can you imagine that ? Thank goodness we got through them . Now we trouble ourselves a Isidor released. Molotov cocktails are the citizens of the home , the workplace is burning . Certainly no one should expect us to tolerate vandalism . Now an internal security reform agenda . A person who is no longer in the hands of a Molotov cocktail , will be deemed to have carried a gun in his hand . Who gets into the hands of a Molotov cocktail with a peaceful feeling ? Turkey's nothing to weaken the authority of the public will not be allowed . Nobody in mind killing you , \"he said .
TIME did not believe us
Isidor most particularly Muslims must oppose underlines the Light ,\"Time-Maliki's sectarian policies us, no one else made ​​a sound . Democracy with a majority Muslim population in the country are seeing a lot . In Egypt, Syria, defend democracy against us because we started a great perception management . Why Turkey's entry into the European Parliament are debating whether Kobani'nin . Turkey would enter where the European Parliament is not to be decided . Turkish foreign policy is determined according to the interests of our state . At this point anyone what instruction , nor the orders we get , \"he said .
in the mountains GEZER if climbers GEZER you
Now Turkey terrorists in the mountains tangling they do not want to express the light ,\"the solution process of our own It is a policy that we will put on . We want our mountain climbers visit , whether you're sightseeing tourists . I hope this will solve the problem . In the same way Alevi citizens will solve our problems , \"he said .
EUROPEAN TURKISH take pride in
\"Your success here , we are proud of . Science, art , politics , sports and take pride in every step you take . Turkey's success in the same way until at least the ones in Turkey , you can rejoice even more , \"he spoke these words to the Minister of the light in the hall for a long time Europeans were applauded by the Turks .

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Light:\"Parallel Structures have been successful , would come under very serious threat \"" comments for.


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