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  • 01 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 17:22

Scientists of great accomplishment!

Scientists of great accomplishment!
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Scientists using a 3D printer and sheep cartilage managed to create artificial ear.

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Plastic surgeons ear, as close to reality as produced.

artificial ear, USA at Massachusetts General Hospital üretildi.Suni by Thomas Cervantes and his team from the ear cartilage cells were used for the production of sheep. Researchers cartilage cells to produce a sufficient number of sheep transported from the cartilage cells under the skin of laboratory rats.

collagens were injected into cows to give elasticity to the structure of the ear. Given shape with the help of artificial ear wire.

production created a 3D design with the help of a plastic surgeon before. Artificial ear structure and shape so determined. With the help of a special silicone model was brought into the final design.

clinical cases, and organ transplants Scientists now use artificial ear is working feverishly to.

According to NTV, the researchers brought into shape a successful model and is posted ear, the skin is able to accept the case, he said. Thus, microtia (congenital absence of the ear) can be achieved major advances in the treatment of diseases such as victims.

ear design for people in the future will be able to transport.

artificial ear can be done the same work as a team and proved earlier theoretical work continued with two-dimensional.

Crew artificial ear continued research on trying to make the most appropriate organ transplantation.

Scientists of great accomplishment!" comments for.


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