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  • 04 Şubat 2014, Salı 03:22

Scientists of the future will represent Turkey in America

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Bahçeşehir College, Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School Robotics Club students will represent Turkey in the United States.

 Bahçeşehir College, Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School Robotics Club students of Turkey in the United States will be represented.
U.S. city of Chicago in the FIRST Foundation for 25 years held the world's most respected science and technology competition, one of the FIRST roboticscompetitio from the event, successful students from Turkey is going. Every year from various countries and age groups, students who participated in the competition, the teams they exchange robots as they produce are finding the opportunity to introduce to the world, as well as winning several awards. This year, a 3-5 April, will be held from competition in our country, Bahçeşehir College of Arts and Technology High School students from;'s Lemon, Shakir Oktay Gur,'re on the ground Bostan, Omar Faruk Ahmed, Sycamore Öztok you, Joseph Yüksekgönül, Bart ruins and Yigit Korkmaz from occurring ' Integra 'Group will be represented. Every year on January 4 this year, the theme of the contest is described in which students design robot by collecting rust, throwing the ball to a certain height on the target. It also described the theme of the design of the robot is supposed to end in 6 weeks.
"Our ROBOTS HAVE 80 pounds "
Bahçeşehir College of Arts and Technology High School this year as 26 TUBITAK project of patent applications get accepted and that they, as well as many national and international competitions, the applicant says that the Science and Technology High School Director Tolga Stars,"This contest is one of the FRC. Larger roboticists our we call the FRC roboticists, our robots are doing. America ' which will be held at the world famous FIRST Foundation for the competition robots have weighs about 80 pounds,"he said.
in the United States in this competition all over the world participating competitors as well as from Turkey as well as a team Bahçeşehir College of Arts and Technology High School INTEGRA team will attend and our country's flag would represent indicating the Stars,"Our students, theoretically, they have taken lessons here as applied to life passing competition fits the theme of robots in our workshops are doing. these work a large part of robotics relevant sounds actually communicate and help each relevant to bring out a product-related. these projects students leading role playing, team work are learning. example of the project software which has a group but offering project is another group,"he said.
Star, awarded in separate categories in this competition stated that the 20 words said:
"For example, web site preparation phase there. Frequent group meetings we do. So far the 36 separate business division did. these children all future works very well they can do. recently in TUBITAK Turkey first prize Minister of Education in the hands of've had."
Bahçeşehir Science and Technology of High School 11 students and Robotics Club is a member of the Lemon,"The last two years our country we represent FRC competition are participating. This year the Integra team I am the captain. 3 to 5 April, between Chicago also will be participating in the competition will. every year on January 4 FIRST roboticscompetitio by the topic is explained. This year's topic based on the robot's Pass by a particular target in the height of the ball should take. 6 weeks robots build and competition will resend. Later, we went to race'll come,"he said.
" HOW LEADERS WILL learned our "
making robots out of the contest awards, saying that other areas of the Integra team members, 11 of Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School students Cinar Öztok me,"For example, we will be sponsoring a variety of firms robotics-related presentations are doing. these presentations on our ability to communicate our emergence makes. teams how we can work, planning how we should do that awareness, gaining how will be the leader we're learning,"he competition's different achievements noted .
" such a contest TURKEY It is our request DE REGULATION OF OUR BIGGEST "
organizations organizing this competition which aims to train scientists on the basis of institutions and that very being of the awards in different fields, the interdisciplinary emphasis that is doing a contest Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School 10 students Mert Yüksekgönül,"Made in different fields rewards us for the required education teaching quite our first year of what we have learned to do, FIrst one of the goals in your country science, technology dissemination and your country for underprivileged people project how you helped that we that you discuss. Sponsored how to deal with Connect we subject field entrepreneurship award there, an animation awards. For this, the computer must learn. example, this year we have prepared for animation within two weeks of a program used to learn, and the product needed to be disconnected. we have accomplished. Such a competition in Turkey arranging our It is our greatest desire,"he said.
Nabi Avci Minister of Education in the hands of AWARDS
Bahçeşehir College of Science and Technology High School students illegal fishing hunting, marine pollution prevention and energy savings at the same time aiming at a model plane with their projects and prepare project 2013 TUBITAK Energy Efficiency Project took first prize in the competition. Bahçeşehir College of Arts and Technology High School 12 students Kaan Kapıcıoğlu,"At school we saw the course with the help of this project we have implemented. past on 10 January, the Minister of Education Nabi Avci from the hands of TUBITAK's prizes have received. TUBITAK's Energy Efficiency Contest Turkey became the champion,"he said. Another partner of the project Bahçeşehir College of Arts and Technology High School 12 students Victory Rye,"We our plane remote control unmanned aerial vehicle as we have designed. Small a model made on the depth determination were supposed to do. because illegal fishing prevent this depth depends upon the identification. therefore of depth we can do, so the position on allowing us to get GPRS circuit system there. On the transmitter through the location you're getting. then ground station located on a computer data base depth information we're getting, and also to compare that position how deep that we can find. Our plane at the same time instant image can provide. If an illegal situation if we encounter a video documented as able. Our project is an electric motor works with over electric motors are GPRS circuit systems have transmitters and receivers are. A well processor based. Auto pilot of the aircraft itself the flight and the aircraft's flight is stabilized, the best way to fly provides,"he said.

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