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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:57

Search for Cars with long-barreled weapons were usurpers

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Adana driver brought the gun to neutralize flied police searched the usurper of orange groves barreled weapons to a person who usurped the car.

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, depending on the Seyhan District Haydaroğlu event occurred . Allegedly, Solomon A. at 10:30 guns per 003 HC 06 driver Onur Sandy put a plate usurped the car. Individuals , S. friend Oğulcan taken next . He escaped with . Meanwhile, Sandy told the police . Police came to the scene as soon as he moves toward the usurper escape direction. Usurper , leaving SEEM car by police fled into the air in front of an orange grove fire by orange groves . He surrendered to police the next friend by moderation. Photo POLICE GUN with 100 ORANGE GARDEN DAL Photo dived to 100 police Thereupon orange groves . Usurper called in the police sub-tree and tree branches. Police searched his hands on the alert for a long time to work in the orange groves . The police also swept around the garden but could not find any usurper . Homes around the garden could not be found traces of controlling police usurper .
\" TEM TEAM LONG BARREL ARAT with WEAPONS \"Photo 100 police , as well as later arrived at the scene Anti-Terror Branch Directorate teams. TEM teams from wearing a vest with long-barreled weapons and began to search by entering the garden. Police searched upon entering the garden with long arms numlull by applying the tactics months. Usurper seeking long tem teams could not reach him . However, TEM teams expanding the search continues in the garden.

Search for Cars with long-barreled weapons were usurpers" comments for.


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