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  • 31 Temmuz 2013, Çarşamba 12:21

Searching for remedy bee deaths

Searching for remedy bee deaths
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In recent years, Turkey and especially in academic circles in the United States mobilized a record level in the honey bees. The study of honey bees and as the biggest reason for the negative effects of pesticides were determined.


Beekeeping Development Application and Research Center (AGAM) The National Science Foundation and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), has launched a joint study to investigate the deaths of bees. A team of researchers from different universities from the United States, Uludağ University has achieved remarkable results in his studies at AGAM.

Prof. Dr. Abraham Lighter, bee deaths in the United States in recent years, it is frequently seen in the pollination of cultivated plants is reflected in the negative, he said. Abraham lighter, so the first rank in the world production of almonds from the state of California for pollination of a bee colony sample showed a monthly rent of $ 50 came to $ 250. Prof. Dr. Lighter, Thrace region of Turkey, especially in recent years that there is such a problem, much research priority in this regard, he said.

research group, bee mortality is considered to be one of the most important factors of direct or indirect effects of pesticides on bees Professor explaining works. Dr. Lighter Abraham, 'the research we found that some of the drugs, pesticides according to the dose immediately after the bees are dying, some of which does not return to the hive. Adversely affected by the choice of some of the flowers. Because these drugs are losing their sense of direction or motor coordination prevented the bees."He said.

AGAM Vice lighter, the result of their research, scientists and bee deaths resort, looking into the publication of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry said it would share with.


AGAM Uludag University. Dr. Abraham lighter, they added one more to the studies carried out for the development of beekeeping reported. Uludag University Campus Stating started to work in the bee-fauna. Dr. Lighter, and had set a rich wealth of social and individual bee. Prof.

. Dr. Lighter, 'Southern Marmara is a transition zone were as expected, the presence of a rich bee fauna. We also store the samples in this study for the creation of the museum started beekeeping AGAM'da. So all in all the samples and research, as well as the course will be able to use applications."He said.

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