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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 15:36

Seasonal Workers Issue in Parliament

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AK Party Parliamentary Group, the working conditions of migrant farm workers and to investigate all the problems in this regard , determining the measures to be taken in order for the opening of Parliament research Parliament gave a vote of research .

Ankara news: Finally Isparta Photo of his accidental van carrying seasonal workers , 18 workers lost their lives. The problem of seasonal workers the day once again surfaced with occupational accidents . The AK Party, claimed workers'working conditions and problems faced in the Assembly , a proposal prepared for the opening of the Presidency of the Parliament Assembly of the research presented . President of the Assembly presented the proposal by reminding is not enough to improve the current conditions of the legislation , \"The problem is not only to be resolved by the regulations for the state's living conditions and working relations,\"he said.
Proposal was given in the following statements:Photo \"The AK Party government during the period has been identified as a major source of problems seasonal labor for the first time in agriculture, have been serious observations and determined to a large extent the problem by making impressions, the solution associated with the introduction of the suggestions made ​​significant efforts , it is legislation that have been created , although they still could completely eliminate Or, in the absence of a field sited in full layout It is also clear . the subject of our country because they were a reality and a troubled area to investigate more broadly , we believe it would be appropriate to establish a commission of inquiry to be enabled in order to put forward solutions and applications. \"

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