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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:28

Seb-i Arus ceremony in Konya Stock

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Konya will be held between December 7 to 17 Hz.

Konya will be held between December 7 to 17 Hz. Rumi 740 VuSLaT Anniversary International Commemoration Activities (Seb-i Arus) preparations have been completed.
Seb-i Arus regarding preparations press conference at the Dedeman Hotel Konya Governor Muammer Erol, Konya Mayor Tahir Akyurek, Selçuk University Rector. Dr.. Rights Gökbel, CTO, Rector of the University Meram. Dr.. Omar Torlak, Necmettin Erbakan, the University Rector. Dr.. Triumphant Sugar, Mevlana University Rector. Dr.. Bahattin Adam, with representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the written and visual media representatives. This year's event in the heart of the shad will be representing the Governor Muammer Erol,"a local newspaper's headline is' Authority Konya'dır' the owning behalf Hz. Mevlana's right to inherit the thorough manner to the name of this activity to the fullest purpose to realize the entire people of Konya Hz. Mevlana welcome guests on behalf of a serious effort, excitement and attention to detail are also within. Hopefully, as a result, 7-17 held between activities that around 65 thousand our guests expect. Konya Hz. Mevlana's authority in Konya, Anatolia, we are in the presence find peace of mind we think we like ours hearts and peace by finding and Rumi's teachings I hope the rest of their lives part to shed light on, will direct inspiration also compiled state separation will provide an activity program creation, with an effort,"he said.
Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mustafa Çıpan also, 740 Sema Ceremony Anniversary reunion program, mesnevi chat, exhibition, gülbank and prayer, conferences, panels, workshops, concerts and awards ceremony will take place including 132 events, he said.
Konya Mayor Tahir Akyurek, the Prophet. Rumi international commemoration of the earth mana, content, context, the most important cultural program that expression,"It was like Konya for our country, for our feast in the week have been evaluated. We call it how much importance we give worldwide importance and impact that degree will increase . Konya, the Konya all organizations as special as we have a responsibility should be aware of. And the world's most important one of the values ​​that we have, and one the world's most important program on one of the hosts were in the need to tell and we should feel. 740 Vuslat Anniversary ceremonies for our city, our country and for the charity I wish to bring to humanity,"he said.
joint collective work coordinated noted that President Akyurek,"in Konya together and draw an indicator in these programs are having. Contribution all the establishments to our thank you. Konya and at peace as well as the spirituality of elders, particularly Hz. Mevlana be As these lands entrusted to us that our ancestors huzurlarınd are. This viewpoint want to expand. Konya important love and faith in a spiritual city. Konya our present location that brought elders and particularly Hz. Mevlana including spirituality leaders have. This means Konya as in us should live. 740 Vuslat Anniversary program all our people, the people of Turkey within the country from abroad our people invite. Konya these guests is ready to meet that stated"he said.
reporters' questions, answered the President Akyurek, Seb-i Arus ceremony of the newly constructed 10 thousand people could be held on the last day at the convention center. Akyurek, also the date of the program in the Mevlana Cultural Center where they were aware of air pollution created in the region and noted that it took work to resolve. UNIVERSITY ALSO READY

Selçuk University Rector. Dr.. Rights Gökbel also in his speech,"Hz. Mevlana in Konya important. We 740 Vuslat Anniversary this activity contained within are pleased. Hz. Mevlana and Mevlevi recognition and filled in a form to be introduced established Mevlana Research Institute for several years Selcuk University on behalf of these activities is coordinating. This year, friends of various programs have prepared. these activities in exhibitions, conferences, symposia and seminars there. entire program will be open throughout a show,"he said.
CTO Karatay University Rector. Dr.. Omar Torlak, the"740 Vuslat Anniversary program successfully realized, the Prophet. Rumi's teachings content in a proper way from Konya to begin the message very clearly in the whole world to reach wholehearted wish. University as a modest contribution as our progress. outside the social services as a pilot program this year our task got a class that started in,"he said.
University Rector Prof. Necmettin Erbakan. Dr.. Sugar and triumphant Mevlana University Rector. Dr.. Bahattin man also gave information about their contribution to the program.
Hz. Rumi's 22 generation descendant Esin Celebi, however, some doctors treating patients in the Mevlana's works that they utilized, recalling"How are they doing that we also let us know we wanted. His doctor for a portion of the've invited. Hopefully they tell us they do this work will tell,"he said.

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