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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2013, Cuma 13:38

'Second 40 Years' album presented to the press

'Second 40 Years' album presented to the press
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Music and Cinema Association (MÜSİDER) sung by the artist within the 6 'Second 40 Years' album presented to the press.

MÜSİDER President Leo Fire; Ashraf Zia Tailor, Omar Karaoglu Acarlıoğlu Ammar, Abdulbaki Coal, Taner Yüncüoğlu and Hope Mürare'nin album going to sound great effort, he said.

Music and Cinema Association (MÜSİDER) within the Performed by six artists 'Second 40 Years' album promotion meeting was held prior to the gala. Chairman of the meeting held MÜSİDER Eyüp Sultan Mansion Leo Fire, answered questions from journalists. The second 40 years of valuable artists who came together for the album Fever,"the name of the album have 40 years, especially in the second generation of artists in the album as a term is not only relaxes the spirit that motivates the spirit of components to form the agenda. The same artists wanted them to be more effective in this period . especially to motivate people, to excite, to lift up and believed in is put out important works. For this reason, we have organized such a study. artists who did not break us."she said.

recently moved to Turkey should be recognized that gives color to the next mefkûrenin fire, said :"B una small to support a musical named the second 40 years . Pain in the Middle East, we look at a coğrafyadayız, we look at the world of Islam, there is blood and tears, so that the way of thinking, understanding that everyone, in a time that we need more than anything else. therefore say 40 years from the Islamic world, peace, happiness and understanding will bring happiness to dominate would appear to be what we want."

many artists contributed to the album that emphasizes the formation of Fire,"in part of the album, the sound of Ziya Terzi support the artists Ashraf, Omer Karaoglu Acarlıoğlu Ammar, Abdulbaki Coal, Taner Yüncüoğlu and Hope Murari great album gave labor. would like to offer our gratitude to all our colleagues who contributed to the album."said.

Fire, on Sunday, October 27th at 13.00 Mega'da album's promotional concert Kucukcekmece Arena told to do.

40 years of the second 'album presented to the press

'Second 40 Years' album presented to the press" comments for.


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