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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:47

Seeking the heart of Süleyman the Magnificent

Seeking the heart of Süleyman the Magnificent
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Suleiman, who died while on expedition in Macaristan'ta Zigetvar study was initiated to find your heart.


According to the news on the BBC

"a team of researchers Hungarian, Ottoman Empire, the publish a report on where your heart is one of the famous Sultan" say "But why is it so important since it won the puzzle solved?" the question asked.

King Solomon ' taken after the death of the body, but the heart of Istanbul, then a transfer of the claim that the Catholic Church would be built where the BBC was buried in a tomb, this claim lies in the heart of the real tomb of Suleiman appointed finding Pecs University faculty members. By Norbert Pap "fairy-tale" are considered as noted.

'Due to the presence HEART OF THE CITY THE FUTURE'

Prof. PAP mandate "political reasons" from the stems from the BBC noted "in relations between Turkey and Hungary is experiencing a great revival" He then continued as follows:

"Both the Prime Minister gets along very well. Number of Turkish tourists visiting Hungary increased by 45 percent over last year. However, once the war tens of thousands slept in tents, land preparation, and listening to the sound of birds hotels in this sleepy city has only 500 beds."

the future of the city,"there is the heart of Süleyman the Magnificent"is connected to the Prof. news. Pap is taken care of and his crew had been given permission to dig a new PAP"It's just about Solomon's heart, but also the reconstruction of the last 400 years of history and coğrafisinin again at each layer. The report discovered that a lot of things so far,"he reflected at.

Seeking the heart of Süleyman the Magnificent" comments for.


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