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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:33

Seismic Assessment of IMO from Eskisehir

Seismic Assessment of IMO from Eskisehir
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Civil Engineers (ASCE ) Eskisehir Branch Advisory Board , organized by recounting the meeting with a presentation 8 monthly activities , a press text on November 12 1999 Duzce earthquake , was published.

Eskişehir news: Photo Made in the statement, occurring Düzce-ditch centered and 894 citizens lost their lives in the earthquake somehow forgotten and it was alleged that he tried to go down as a disaster underrated . All scientists North after 17 August on the Anatolian Fault in a new break while waiting for the people forced indicated that occur after earthquakes a day of introducing the house said, \"Instead of looking for solutions to desperate people them sent back to their damaged houses is the work of an incompetent mentality 894 vanishes life . Scientificity and this management approach , unfortunately , both natural and neglect and continued to increase with disasters and business crimes arising from insensitivity today that ignores the smallest human rights. this is also a return of the new world and new Turkey layout but pays it brings the price of the masses can not , unfortunately . the imo for measures to be taken against earthquakes than 15 years still remains topicality and importance of what they say since \"the statement said. suggestions statement
Structures were listed as follows:Photo \"to take measures against earthquakes should primarily be considered as a technical issue . Reconstruction determine the risk to reduce earthquake hazards in urban planning and technical studies related to risk management should be performed. These studies should be based on scientific data away from individual interests and political concerns. With preparations to be made before the earthquake damage can be minimized . Provision and new buildings are constructed according to the regulations of the safety of existing structures is the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your risk. This should benefit from the room while the profession of views and experiences , the realization of a fair and impartial manner must be the first priority. Commercial considerations should never take precedence over the technical concerns. The easiest annuity provided for the sector and kept away from the distorted perception of market relations is required to adopt regulations in the construction sector . Handed regulation laws that violate the constitutional rights of citizens whether the destruction of the earthquake and accumulation excuse should be made. Our people must be willing to malaria showing death. In that point should provide local governments with inadequate reconciliation of professional organizations, social structure of the state should not be left aside. Both legal and possible damages in the earthquake , and on the awareness about what we have unfortunately very shortcoming . We wish you and our goal is to obtain rent from one of our people are living in fear and sturdy and comfortable construction. Should not forget that we owe the life we have lost in the past on this issue and we should not forget . \"

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