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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:40

Seizures And Selena is holding Mukhtar Citizens

Seizures And Selena is holding Mukhtar Citizens
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Due to rain, which continued uninterrupted since the evening in Sakarya , Akyazı Alaağaç neighborhood had flooded homes and barns in the surrounding area after the creek overflow.

Sakarya news: Citizens on guard against the sudden floods. In the creek bed with inadequate rainfall was experienced in Photo Akyazı Alaağaç neighborhood flooding again . Mukhtar Ali Yalcin Akyazı Alaağaç neighborhood and citizens keep watch on the bridge against a possible flood . A short time ago drew attention to the flood disaster in the region Mukhtar Ali Yalcin ; \"Becoming the most of a small flood of people sleep does not sleep . He flooded some homes in this evening's event. After flooding that occurred two months prior state waterworks to all attempts all of our responsibility to yaptık.der bed DSI earth. I needto die people? Dere government job. Akyazı the service I received since March from the municipality knows every time . not with my problem Akyazı Municipality . My district governor-ship in no distress. of Kabader the site definitely needs to be improved , \"he said . located
700 households in Alaağaç neighborhood, river bed Ali is the first to suffer Harvester owner households and close positions in each stream overflow ; \"The same problem is happening since years. My home is at the mouth of the flood. We're trying to get ourselves and our personal safety of the animals within our own facilities . We want to rehabilitate the creek for a solution, \"he said.

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