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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:18

Selahattin Demirtas, Diyarbakir and Ankara plane in Response

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AK Party Diyarbakır deputy Mehmet Hamzaoğulları , HDPE Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtas, Diyarbakir and Ankara plane in which the witness of the discussion because Kopani events with a passenger AK Party Diyarbakır deputy Mehmet Hamzaoğulları , told the incident plane.

Ankara news: Photo AK Party Diyarbakır deputy Hamzaoğulları , at a press conference in Parliament a passenger in Diyarbakir and Ankara aircraft HDPE Co-Chairman Selahattin told the details of the response to due Demirtas to Kopani events. Photo Hamzaoğulları , the event was described as follows:
\"30 October evening 21:20 Diyarbakir and Ankara plane we had to move to . aircraft apron in after a passenger sitting in the right 3 to approaching the bellows Selahattin Demirtas a'Selahattin Demirtas, are you trying to re-cast the people in the streets on November 1 . these deaths are enough no,it was not enough , you want to seize what killing people ? \"she was the reaction . Selahattin Demirtas is turning'do not be cheeky ,\"he said . he said,'I do not do rudeness , my heart is burning . My child was injured in Kopani event.'m the father of an injured boy. responses my you have to understand , \"he said . Selahattin this response on'exit these expressions say a boy in my face ,\"he said . the gentleman said,'I do not fear anyone other than Allah,'he said. Even sit where he described . Selahattin Bey said the silencing of protection in that period. Not a physical contact of the protection . Protection tried to silence , but continued the father's response . Which began in passenger aircraft on reciprocal responses in this response. After landing aircraft Selahattin Bey's security was in line with a request to be called . After the plane's door opened a Photo Selahattin Bey,'I'm not going to take this cruise , \"he said . I was also not correct itself when this is done, the place where the passenger is seated on the already certain , the future is already going to be a complaint I would do what's safety . But he was a bit pushy about it. I told him it would not be of any benefit to Diyarbakir , told him he was already tense because of the city's 6-7 event. Then we go a little more in the bellows. There was shouting from behind between passengers. Some people Selahattin they walked Demirtas, the gentleman was in Selahattin Bey, a duet called again VIP van. \"Photo \" EVERYBODY'S COMMON SENSE A NEED \"Photo \"I understand the father's response. Because they were very sad event for October 6 to 7 events in Diyarbakir , \"said Hamzaoğulları ,\"Diyarbakır does not deserve such recognition. Diyarbakir does not deserve this perception. Due to the natural father of a child injured in the incident and due to the fact that people poured into the streets of HDP's party , had a good response because of the father's Chairman Selahattin Demirtas hdp'n . This event is reflected in the media yesterday . They asked some friends phone off. Was an adverse event , but we are in a period where you must protect everyone's democratic rights and freedoms. Thrown from the third floor where people are talking about a Diyarbakir alive . We lost more than 40 lifes are going through a period. Everyone needs common sense . Unity and solidarity of the time when we most need it. This period also need to make a description of lowering everyone's blood pressure, \"he said .
\" NO LONGER Kurds VERY EASILY SES on the REMOVE \"Photo Perhaps that is why the response to the HDPE General President of the Kurdish citizens of this so significant that reveals for the first time Hamzaoğulları eyes said , \"Now the Kurds can also very easily remove the audio , you can put their response. No one showed also that they do not hesitate , \"he said . Answering questions from journalists after the Photo Description Hamzaoğulları , from both sides incident to whether there is a physical intervention , \"Saladin said Bey gentleman any physical intervention was not but protection to be taken it.'Take this ,'he said . Even if the gentleman did not stand in place , he was sitting in third place . Told them to get up even in place, a movement even never \"gave money .
\" slanging match HAPPENED \"Photo Hamzaoğulları , said nothing is not lived for violence in the incident , \"that there are bad words \"expressed . Hamzaoğulları telling Tension Selahattin happened until it disengages from Demirtas airport , the event involved people in such a way that the plane everyone very easily heard , the address \"I'm sitting there, you know that this address, he told the house until the number , no one from the fear I have no fear,\"he said said said. Photo Selahattin Demirtas area leaving the then police officers involved in the event a person's Hamzaoğulları noted Selahattin Demirtas, the request came in to be expressed is not itself information about the post .
\" SOMA AND ERMENEK '< strong> TA eXPERIENCED dISASTER vERY pAIN fOR OUR \"is reminded of the response of the people to the political in Photo Soma Hamzaoğulları , \"Soma and disasters experienced in Ermenek great suffering for us. People need to understand the reaction . People suffering while revealing their reactions we all need to understand , \"he said .
\" ALL SOLUTION PROCESS wants as soon as possible OUT \"Photo Hamzaoğulları Kurds such a head hdp'l of a citizen on the question how to read the response to the need for \"burning in the hearts of all we look for the Region. We want to finish the beer before these events. One of the burning of schools as required by the settlement process , the site flashes, extortion , not a means to miss the businessmen. Hdp'l not all Kurds living in the region does not give any Kurdish hdp'y to vote . AK Party also took the most votes will be appreciated that the Kurds. Everyone wants a moment ago that resulted in the settlement process , \"he said .
\" HEARTS a lighted FATHER REACTS the Revealed \"Photo Selahattin Demirtas and hdp'n the first time attention that they see this response Hamzaoğulları \"But the AK Party deputies, despite other parties engaged in politics in-Par'l officials and Hua to so much of this response matches we wanted to never take what the detention of a citizen , what happened to have a physical contact nor was there a verbal our dogfight . Which we live in much more time . Selection of study, and we lived on 30 March presidential elections . Citizens need to understand , I need to listen to citizens'feelings. Heart revealed that there were burning in response to father a father , \"he said.

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