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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:02

Selçuk Municipality Education Support

Selçuk Municipality Education Support
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Selçuk Selçuk Municipality collaborative effort to provide a second university THK refurbishment work at the University of Dokuz Eylul University buildings, as well as an end to the construction continues apace.

İzmir news: Selçuk Selçuk Municipality collaborative effort to provide a second university THK niversitesi as well as the refurbishment work on the construction of Dokuz Eylul University building continues apace in the end.
less than a year over a period of two universities opened their doors to the Selçuk Municipality in 2011, in Selçuk began training the Turkish Aeronautical Association to the University of his building allocated after the Dokuz Eylül University at May 14 neighborhoods in the land allocation had held. Dokuz Eylul University, along with his protocol and university buildings, the construction of the undertaking Selçuk Municipality educational buildings in the construction of the final sprint continues.
Three blocks will consist of graduate schools of blocks and block B2 of the overall completion of works voicing Selçuk Mayor Hüseyin Vefa Ülgür,"B1 block ground floor slab concrete was poured 1st floor slab concrete operations also began. currently building's electric wholesale plumbing work continues. Structural work intervals until the end will be completed,"he said. Dokuz Eylul University School Fatwas 8 classrooms, 2 labs, 1 in the conference hall, library, cafeteria and administrative buildings located reminding President Ülgür"As an institution of education science always gave importance. Mandate in Selcuk a second university restore me very happy. Our efforts for education, for young people, for our city,"he said.
Selçuk Municipality teams THK niversitesi belonging to the building six more classrooms to generate continued to work said President Ülgür,"our city university, we have saved. university arrived, the building gave us so much did not say. known as Turkish Aeronautical University's student numbers this year has increased. This is why the building's reorganization task of Scientific Affairs Directorate has claimed. Students' contemporary conditions to continue their education and receive a quality education for municipal crews work continues. Class to create the wall and plaster manufacturing over. building's electrical systems were taken. Suspended ceiling and door and window frames after the construction work will be completed. contemporary city contemporary individuals, contemporary individuals the training occurs aware that a municipality is On. only to universities but within the city Located in the schools so far contributed a great deal,"he said.

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