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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:05

Selection Starts in Sungurlu Verdi mHP

Selection Starts in Sungurlu Verdi mHP
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in the district of Çorum Sungurlu election gave the start.

Çorum news: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in the district of Çorum Sungurlu election gave the start.
messages of unity and togetherness to the meeting that President Musa Çoksezg MHP Sungurlu District, Mayor Candidate A. Kadir's Hawk, town mayors, former mayors, provincial council members, city council members and joined the party.
MHP Sungurlu mayor candidate A. Kadir Sahin local elections, the MHP flag Sungurlu other, he said.
Of gray wolves is a family run and seven potential candidates along with off reminded that they Sahin,"This nomination of the person nominated would. We all promised each other we give. Unity and togetherness within From today we are launching the election campaign,"he said.
as MHP will embrace everyone no matter which party is voicing Sahin, everyone had to put under his hand, he said. 10 years, indicating that the MHP remains bent Şahiner lost in the elections due to intra-party strife was expressed.
However, this election is a lesson for anyone who underlined the Falcons, it is always in favor of unity and togetherness, they underlined. Party members among the sedition and mischief can be dismantled attention Şahiner, sedition and mischief from the refuge in Allah said.
Sungurlu MHP to power that they need about the Falcon,"the unity and solidarity breaking against it, our competitors do not have. Enough troops Let's not spoil and solidarity. these meetings, our unity and göstergesidir.allah 's going to win this election courtesy,"he said.

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