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  • 23 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 04:21

Semester Break Begins

Semester Break Begins
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1st semester of 2013-2014 academic year will end on Friday January 24.

Sakarya news:  1st semester of 2013-2014 academic year will end on Friday January 24. Sakarya, pre-school, elementary, middle and high school students studying in 181 thousand 301 thousand 242 teachers and 9 to 15-day semester break will be. Governor Mustafa Büyük's and will also report distribution ceremony on Friday at 11.00, in the same area Candy Kindergarten, Turk-Is Primary School and Adapazari Religious Vocational Secondary School will be held.
Provincial Education Director Selim Yavuz Sandıkçı semester A message was issued due to the holiday. Sandıkçı message,"Some of our students of the report very well in the notes, as might be part of the record of the desired level of notes may not be available. Well the report card for the small reward can be done, but that reward excessive levels should not be. Karner fractures note that our students insights approached the next with their peers, benchmarking and constantly criticized be anxiety and fear can lead to such self-confidence will strain. Besides report cards, teachers, parents and students belong to. Liability all students to see sağılıkl approach would not. the other hand, our children in all areas at the same level or our expectations of our ability to be successful t wait would be unfair to . every child's physical, social and mental development of a separate individual should be noted. Semester breaks during the artistic, cultural and sporting events, in addition to reading books, theaters, cinemas and other similar activities our children have fun and relaxation could contribute to. these thoughts and feelings with the beloved students and I wish our teachers have a good holiday,"he said. Shindig on Monday, February 10, all students and teachers, the second term, healthy and energetic spirits in a way he hoped to begin by stating that both students and teachers found fruitful wishes to spend a holiday.

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