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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:15

Seminar on Sanitary Workers in Kusadasi

Seminar on Sanitary Workers in Kusadasi
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Kuşadası Municipality Directorate of Sanitation employees were given a safety seminar.

Aydın news: Photo informed about Kuşadası Municipality Ergun Yucel scene at the seminar held in Occupational Safety Specialists Fatma Gul Stars approximately 120 cleaning jobs job security staff. Speaking at a Photo Workshops Occupational Safety Specialists Fatma Gul Stars by informed about accidents at work and occupational diseases , \"Business There are carelessness and ignorance primary reason for the accident , I think I see , I did not know , discourses like I'm in a hurry can be shown as examples. the main causes of work-related accidents as human and technical reasons can be grouped to 2 . human reason is due to the ignorance and carelessness as I said just now , Technical reasons were again, is based on carelessness known to describe many examples . floor slipperiness , inadequate lighting, inadequate heating, electricity leakage , indoor or inadequate ventilation , knows to be examples of these plots occurred in the power tools. the Occupational Diseases Chemical, Biological and Physical reasons as can be grouped into four . Among them are chemical reasons for you most interest , because of the materials used in the cleaning jobs are almost all chemicals. Largest cause of occupational disease Chemicals , touching both the need of chemicals into the body by inhalation contact . You are cleaning your mask and gloves during contact with you is insert the substance. The reason I know to give examples of biological microbes bar in the trash. The main professional of physical disease is foot lever back and neck hernia pain and rheumatism. This is a 5-minute rest every hour to arrest the disease, and I know to suggest helping each working methods . Please note friends, occupational diseases per the conscious person and or does not work accident , \"he said
end of the seminar was a test of 10 questions related to informing given to cleaning workers . Those recorded success in the test were told that given certificates of achievement on the subject at the meeting will be held next week.


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