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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 16:19

Sending students to school to parents of patients Alert

Sending students to school to parents of patients Alert
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Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Child Health and Diseases Asst .

Çanakkale news: Assoc. Dr. Topaloğlu NaCl , can be seen in children with the opening of schools advise families about the disease has been found.
Asst. Assoc. Dr. NaCl Topaloğlu, diseases that may be encountered when living together in public places often have similarities , he said. \"Going to school students of childhood members because they face disease mainly is infectious diseases ,\"said Topaloğlu, \"particularly upper respiratory tract infections, intestinal tract disorders that affects the respiratory and skin that can infect eruptive diseases of children most faced a group of diseases of the form. Additionally , mostly type seen infectious hepatitis , again, the children will face disease group. upper respiratory tract infections or saliva-transmitted infection prevention the ideal way students go to school is . the student to school when they were sick go Although the bandage or persons on the cough while being careful protection can be achieved. But the children's body resistance is low protective measures based on the child's school does not ship with the patient . because the immune system is not working well received by each individual contact can pass infection . Hence infection can spread rapidly in children . Families or children, the most important recommendations of the person when they were sick to go to school , \"he said .
Families of children in case of emergency needs to do also provide information about Topaloğlu, \"Infectious or upper respiratory tract diseases, the most important thing a child's general condition is to pay attention . In particular, you must ensure good nutrition . There is pain, fever symptoms, such as pain relievers , fever reducers should keep it under control with . Our nose, upper respiratory tract infections , particularly in open top is important . A good opening nose and throat infections, ear infections , both in terms of risk form . Therefore, one of the ways to open your nose , then another sprue is to ensure that the layout of the surrounding humidity . Good fluid space , which is open nose , nutrition and rest , which can be given to children, children who are faster recovery . Families must pay particular attention to them , \"he said .

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