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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:06

Senol Gunes Batalla'nın did not want, the sponsor had to settle for Bursaspor Josue

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Bursaspor coach Senol Gunes , green and white team's former star Pablo Martin is reluctant to return to the Batalla'nın , the company that wants to sponsor the transfer of Batalla'nın the government's initiative Josue's is willing to contribute to the testimonial was learned .

Bursa news: Photo of China's Beijing Guoan team after midfielder Bursa'l of Batalla'nın surprise visit to Bursa Batalla'nın was claimed to be a sponsor for the transfer of a large company . In agreement with the Batalla'nın club China 4 million euros is the target of the green and white management although it is freed substances not Batalla'nın , said that Josue was . The
24-year-old to adapt quickly to the team's rental star by folding every day put on the performance , on the need management beginning of the season as well as the technical committee Batalla \"Let \"in case she changed her attitude . Photo successful coach is expressed Senol Gunes from him since the use preferences from the Josué when Batalla asked . So Josue went into management action to be taken loan from Porto. Örenil explaining that he wanted to use in the coming weeks will be a sponsor for the transfer of management of the green and white Batalla'nın prepared to invite the manager of Josue Bursa discuss this right with the company's 6 million Euro transfer fee which Josue in bringing to Bursaspor . The company is one of the major organizations of Bursa industry also allegedly agreed to sponsor Josue . The Josué eyes filled with learning performance was followed by a coach came from Porto club rental .

Senol Gunes Batalla'nın did not want, the sponsor had to settle for Bursaspor Josue" comments for.


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