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  • 22 Ekim 2013, Salı 12:46

Series of much talked about 'Treason Spiral' begins

Series of much talked about 'Treason Spiral' begins
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The first part of the Milky Way captured screens will be screened in Kars 'Treason Spiral' series in the 1980s from a poor family lived in Anatolia carry screens.

20:50 hours October 23 at the Milky Way and the audience will meet the screens will broadcast the series producer Mustafa Kartal, Ankara would pull out of the current situation the other parts of the array. Underlining that this series is very konuşulacağının Eagle,"Anatolia in the 1980s, fresh out of the coup, Turkey will become difficult living conditions of each institution and the screens will carry the corrupt."she said.

Erkan Karahanci citizens who visited the set during filming, as well as series of movies in the recent years to show an interest in Kars Kars sector stated that present themselves as happy. Has a significant contribution to the filming of series and movies that emphasizes Karahanci for tourism promotion,"Of course not been without minor problems. Kars producers in the face of the problems we're far too worried. Treason Spiral Ankara will continue to be a series of these problems do not want to think that he is . producer's Kars want to bring back one of the parts of the series."the views expressed in the form.
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Series of much talked about 'Treason Spiral' begins" comments for.


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