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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:04

Serik Hot Asphalt Study on Rural Road

Serik Hot Asphalt Study on Rural Road
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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's road work is going on in the district .

Antalya news: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's road work is going on in the district .
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams, President Menderes Turel order of the Serik district depends on Kayaburun , the Karıncalı , Çanakçı, Berendi , mouthing the , grows and Yanköy neighborhood group paths of hot asphalt kapladı.yaklaşık 7-kilometer connection path in the studies of 10 thousand tons of hot asphalt to be used is specified, the old and for many years with the patch repaired the road for the first time quality hot asphalt coated villagers President Menderes Turel thanked .
Metropolitan Municipality, District Coordinator Jesus Akdemir and the Municipality Serik Coordinator Ramadan meat , studies looked at . Jesus Akdemir, teams of Antalya at any point do the work , said:\"Village on the hot asphalt service Korkuteli güzl from the village we had started . Now in the series are continuing . Serik neighborhood turned these villages for the first time hot asphalt meet. These road users the villagers to this lovely service happens. Eight districts serving this route after completing the other districts in our neighborhood roads in our efforts to breathe continue will . on the other hand, the village road in the surface coating of asphalt in our work continues uninterrupted , \"he said .
district Coordinator Jesus Akdemir, Bütünşeh Act services with faster life has passed , referring said:
\"People saw that this law services to the villages , neighborhoods than ever comes quickly. services of the public foot is moving up will not give up . Bütünşeh the Act , the architect of our President Menderes Turel , provincial damaged and undernourished , transportation is difficult to be done quickly gave orders to the roads . Serik Mayor Ramadan are continuing this work with the support of Calik . Our teams at the beginning of Serik district Coordinator of Ramadan Meat also thank you. \"
District Coordinator Jesus Akdemir'l views of the Karıncalı district Headman Zafer Yilmaz and Çanakçı district Headman Solomon Yağcı public studies satisfaction expressed neighborhood on behalf of the President modal'e gave their thanks .

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