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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 08:55

Serkan Adiyaman, Announces Candidacy Mastöb

Serkan Adiyaman, Announces Candidacy Mastöb
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Architect Serkan Adiyaman, Malatya Association of Non-Governmental Organisations ( MASTÖB ) had a meeting explaining the general presidential nomination .

Malatya news: Photo Istanbul Yeni Bosna Çargah meeting held in Restaurant AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin vegetable, Turkish Folk Music Artist Belkis Akkale and wife Sami Yılmaztürk , Theatre Artist and actor Hakan Ural, famous producer Uğur Yalçinkaya , Malatyaspor Club President Bülent utensil is , Üsküdar Deputy Mayor Mustafa Hakan Buker , association leaders, business people, local artists, journalists and a large number of guests. Photo MASTÖB President Candidate Architect Serkan Adiyaman, \"Big mergers , big meeting , we set out with a big hug slogan this good luck on the road , regardless of any interest and interest only we will be instrumental in the development and cohesion of our Malatya am announcing your presence I am a candidate for this task. with this embrace I believe that the Alevis , Sunnis with Armenian and with all the different opinions and gets a hug will bring together Malatya who believes. Özler we Turkey, as a basis for the first portrait in art and politics still throws Malatyamız \"he said. the AK party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Photo Edible , \"my brother Serkan founding member of our party. I would like to draw the following gold . Only some point we reach unity togetherness . This meaningful evening our brother Serkan embrace unity and solidarity as our brother leave alone a conference meeting diyince Serkan beneath us . Because the way go with what always we need to be together , together we need to sweat , \"he said.
Turkish Folk Music Artist of Malatya Belkis also Akkale , \"Serkan brother to talk about such a development he called me and was obviously thrilled me and my wife . We have many years ago we have established with the Apricot Festival in late Turgut Ozal and the first formation we have . But years have passed because of different political views and parties were not invited to an event and I had no hankering to our Malatya. My friend is like complaining that a lot of artists . I've always tried to make sure every part of the artist . Each party will be thinking of all the people here will be the case, for instance , and I will be to serve a single purpose for everyone , including our country for all of us . I'm here for it. I will support the formation and Serkan my brother until the end , \"he said . The Photo Movie Stars players Malatyalı Hakan Ural, MASTÖB President Candidate is based on a long time friendship with Serkan Adiyaman and said he would accept the job will be offered unconditionally. Began with the welcome speech of words Ural \"God willing, will always be worthy of this task with the support of our brother Serkan of you together. Malatya Malatya love with the love of services that achieve this task adequately , I hope God will grant . My brother Serkan behalf of myself every time I am behind , \"he said .

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