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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:32

Seta Deputy Coordinator Burns:\"Kandil does not want peace \"

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SETA Deputy Coordinator Prof.

İstanbul news: Dr. Medair I Burn, Kandil argued that want peace . Photo Burn, Moral Agenda FM morning program Çağıl the Conquest , made ​​statements that lead to the solution and not accompanied by the PKK that approach . Photo PKK solution underlining that there are many reasons for not accompany the process burns, \"the first and most important of these reasons, the PKK is the structure of the existing organization. an organization has left behind we look at the remaining 30 years of the results of the PKK fighting habits. Although it has the ability to call in armed conflicts and experiences , we see the gunmen do not have the finishing capabilities of the conflict. Because if successful solution process , you'll have to change the position and balance of power in the organization. armed conflict to call given that the ceasefire period rarely changes the position or balance of power . However, both the institutional structure if peace will have to change the position of both parties. PKK especially mountain staff and Kandil does not want it . leaving the command even for a good of a commander of the Kurdish people in the mountain does not come to work , \"he said . Photo PKK's the second reason for the unwillingness of the solution , the last north , especially in Syria and Iraq, Turkey Burn time on record that it happened , \"Syria in the Rojav it loses control of the Assad regime, the PKK's Syrian branch is to establish rule of PYD'nin PKK was seen as being and realize her dream of her managing dominate a piece of land . Became permanent in Rojava for the PKK to be a matter of existence . Open all cards to retain their Rojava afford . The main purpose was to force Turkey 6-7 October event which is part of the Rojava Kobani'yi protection. Hdp'n calls out to the streets again , we see that the result of the PKK's the same strategy. In short, Turkey is destabilizing threat can say that in an effort to keep in with Rojava hand , \"he said .
\" STATE perception that MASA from STAND CREATED to PROMPTS \"Photo as the emergence of Isidor's third reason evaluating seconds , \"Isidor's both Iraq and Syria mobilized a coalition led by the United States to gain dominance . This coalition's unwillingness to fight on land , brought into armed groups to fight against Isidor review . Now is not the power to fight armed and very advantageous situation to come ashore in the Middle East because I did not want to leave the PKK weapons. Even arming itself may strengthen the international force , perhaps even began to think about the removal of an actor can be considered legitimate under the terror list. To thicken Kandil visit of the Western intelligence agencies should be read in this context and look , \"he said . Photo PKK , the state's Burns pointed out that want to create the perception that up from the table , \"the PKK particular input tend to move away from a wing of the solution process. Without creating the perception of being the first side shield from the table they want to leave the table. For this reason, they want to create the perception that the state rose from the negotiating table. PKK to fight in the Middle East for 20 months to recruit manpower needed to end the conflict-free time period. If the battle started again , with more people dynamics created by the PKK conflict is planning to be able to enjoy the mountain. Furthermore, Turkey is busy inside out by trying to limit the moves of Turkey. In this way, thinks he can get more support from other countries. Indeed, the countries that want to end the PKK solution process also known as encouraged in this direction , \"he said .

Seta Deputy Coordinator Burns:\"Kandil does not want peace \"" comments for.


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