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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 09:43

Seven children Özdemir family's ordeal Filling Life

Seven children Özdemir family's ordeal Filling Life
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Özdemir has 7 children living in Zonguldak family, to extend a helping hand for the two children with disabilities are waiting.

Zonguldak news: Özdemir has 7 children living in Zonguldak family, to extend a helping hand for the two children with disabilities are waiting.
Karaelmas Alsancak Street, residing in the neighborhood of 50-year-old and 38-year-old wife Auspicious Halil Özdemir Özdemir couple of the seven children born of the marriage. The family's 20-year-old daughter after the birth of Busra was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Physical and mental disabilities facing Busra family that lives in the world was destroyed.
Daughters of Busra treated in various hospitals in Ankara, especially among families dealing, could not get any results. Busra in the investigation reported that over 80 per cent of disabled people were given. Families dealing with Bushra, was born in 2004 Resul. Immobility of the youngest son of the family who was admitted to hospital uneasy. In the examinations done at the Messenger (9) was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Family doctors, said the children had cerebral palsy. Destroyed a second time, the family was desperately input to the treatment of Rasul. Special education teachers assigned to the 'TV remote control into the hands of even thank goodness it takes' to date from the period when he upset the Rasul, now you can not even hold her sister's hand. Physicians for Resul has reported over 80 per cent disabled.
disabled son for two years engaged in the mother Auspicious Özdemir heart, blood pressure and cholesterol disorders began . In order to enrich the treatment of children prayed constantly Özdemir said the mother, which is the youngest and only son spent all his efforts for the rehabilitation of Rasul. Özdemir said about what happened Auspicious mother, on the other hand has struggled for the treatment of Busra. Mother Özdemir, reeling full year described as follows:
"My children Cerebral Palsy (CP) disabled. Busra situation highly learned that. So far with all I've used. But now the possibility of my've reached the end. Later born son disabilities was. Resul de Bushra not like I do not want. facilities. longer sensitive help people want him to. them to feed, to drink, they have to look.'s not easy, but for my children compelled'm doing. I my children one hour with the stop. much attention wanting a child. Stomach path surgeries lot. surgery rather than have to look. child temizlemeyin of happens. evening up their'm at. Elie Camden As teachers learn what I'm teaching. Busra from my experience with the two deal with trying to. Limits ended my last until I've used. Treatments us to the doctor I Resul treatment They said it was. Bushra like I do not want. Assistance want.'ve learned through experience Rasul its radius I tried to educate. these have so far arrived. Initially ever sit not even, what could speak, nor sits could. As a mother, I believe that the Rasul's all the way come that, if you can help me if my son would be alright I believe. Busra's disease, stomach after surgery began to decline. hands and arms can move. Stomach path is fed."
Social Assistance Foundation provided the money to care for two disabled brothers began. Maintenance families spending money on two brothers, began to experience financial difficulties. For the treatment of children suffering from loans from banks over 100 thousand father Halil Özdemir, has struggled for years to make the treatment of children. Despite the improvement in effort for Ryan to go further learned that the family has appealed to philanthropists for the treatment of Rasul. The salary received all banks taken loans paying father Halil Özdemir said:
"I am primarily a public official I am working. Nine populated family's father. Two hurdles one 20 year-old and 9 year old children. Busra treatment a little frayed at the bottom. But Rasul came into the world after the ill. Now it cures the previous child is experienced since we Bushra like lest continuous treatments made., but a family on a single wage kişisiy am. tangible shortage last opportunity to have used so far at the bottom. Currently, treatments, financial difficulties continue because ettirememekt am. I currently a salaried person, even though until now I have done costs 100 thousand TL has passed. children care benefit, despite receiving only its own expenses but is enough. His Except for any treatment, financial difficulties are having. treatment of the be able to initiate hope. Children get sick when our neighbors commercial taxi to the hospital are caught. him the term borrow, then we are when we give. Responsive our people due to, help comes Treating want. Bushra our best to have done. But now for the healing progress say that. three years will not exceed said. Rasul also walk possibility. progress in the extreme there. Possibilities permitting their treatment to make we want."
"for their brothers left school was"
22-year-old Leyla of their brothers due to his school a half left. High School Leyla Özdemir trying to read from the outside, looks at his mother and his brother. She says that she touched Leyla Özdemir,"I'm 22 years old. Nine nüfusluyuz, seven brothers. I've been reading quit school I had to. Mama help me I had to. Their food, cleanliness, I'm interested. Brothers and sisters, if treatment be, if, of course, my school would love to return. Reading I would like . really're poor, though, if my school would want to keep,"he said.
family's eldest daughter Kubra leaving the school is trying to help her mother. Ümmügülsüm read and Rukia are influenced by the state of his brother in high school they prefer"Child Development"section you are reading.
Family Betul remaining 9 year old daughter is going to the third grade of primary school. Strabismus in the eyes of the little girl brought the doctor because his mother wanted the money for the surgery was four thousand. The father Halil Özdemir, efforts to pay their debts because they are facing every moment seized, he said. Ozdemir family, philanthropists would extend a helping hand waiting.

Seven children Özdemir family's ordeal Filling Life" comments for.


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