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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 13:08

Seven Months 35 Weight Verdi

Seven Months 35 Weight Verdi
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Antalya 123 pounds , Ms. Lightning, gave 35 pounds in 7 months with stomach reduction surgery .

Antalya news: Antalya 123 pounds , Ms. Lightning, gave 35 pounds in 7 months with stomach reduction surgery .
Memorial Hospital Weight Control Center admitted to Antalya Esra Lightning, centers evaluated by doctors , were eligible for obesity surgery . After surgery seven months, 35 pounds that lightning , heart rhythm disorders , knee-joint pain , such as obesity-induced diseases were treated as well .
Stomach reduction surgery decide , in the health problems of the significant impact that Yıldırım , \"I since I can remember overweight was one .'ve done diets result gave weight and excess return was receiving . dieting was tired of . excess weight caused by aesthetic considerations aside, every month several times a hospital emergency service had to resort I was staying . cardiac rhythm disorders had . walk was having trouble . nights cramps with would wake up. knee in my I had terrible pain , \"he said .
Esra Lightning 10 pounds in the first month after surgery , the second month of the surgery , saying that the 10 pounds of the best part of the meal does not remain in one's mind that underlined . Lightning, \"the regime which people eat when it is not shit is . However, postoperative small portions and satisfied because you can keep your life something does not pull . Whether you eat it, you can not no circumstances do not suffer . Anything offended you do not ,\"he said.
\"Obesity surgery and was born again ,\"said Lightning , \"56 of the body 44 to the body landed. the first time ever this summer bikini I wore . Photography for all of the behind the stand , hiding so great self-confidence posing know. Healthy'm one . two daughters for many more years I want to live ,\"he said .

Memorial Antalya Hospital Weight Control Center in charge of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Dr. If Gökhan Yazicioglu , Esra lightning tests was done primarily in the treatment of obesity , weight problems investigated the source of the told. Used in the classification of obesity Body Mass Index , indicating that 48 Lightning Dist. Dr. Yazıcıoğlu , \"It's worth Morbid Obesity called'serious permanent health problems and even life-threatening condition that leads to is a level . For this reason, the surgery , we decided \"made ​​a statement .
Memorial Health Group Head of Department of General Surgery Dr. Gurkan alihan of obesity , especially morbid obesity is a powerful risk factor for many diseases and premature death is obesity have exceeded the decrease in a person's life expectancy , he said. Professor Dr. Gurkan surgery type by providing information about , \"Esra Hanim bariatric surgery the most effective method of laparoscopic (closed method ), sleeve gastrectomy ( gastric tube ) operations have done ,\"he said .
postoperative nutrition program that prepares Esra Lightning Memorial Antalya Hospital Weight Control Center Nutrition and Diet Expert MWT . Ertuğ Berne , Lightning regularly eat all the food groups , allowing you to increase water consumption and physical activity into your life is preparing a program expressed. In this way, 35 of the 28 pounds of weight lost as fat Ertuğ explaining , Yildirim said that continued feeding program .

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