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  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 10:19

Seven thousand people in Kızıltepe Tribal Wedding

Seven thousand people in Kızıltepe Tribal Wedding
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Mardin in Kızıltepe Haseni Kızıltepe notables of the tribes of the former Municipal President Ali Ertas son , daughter, brother Omar Ertaş mated with melodies Ertaş .

Mardin news: Mardin in Kızıltepe Haseni the tribal notables Kızıltepe Municipality former President Ali Ertas son , brother Omar Ertaş daughter Ezgi Ertas and married .
Mardin Agriculture Rural Development Support site as a specialist working Muhittin Ertas and university graduates cousin Nasheed Ertaş guests and got married . Due to the death of Omar Ertas has taught religious ceremony instead of a wedding . Twins in the neighborhood performed the wedding of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Kudbettin desired , Kızıltepe Governor Erdoğan Turan's been , district police chief Abdullah Adolescent Mardin dignitaries Abidin Necimoğl , the Hasip Necimoğl , Hadi Hero, Shakir Nuhoğlu with about 7 thousand people attended .
of the farmhouse built around 11 units in the catering tent wedding dinner Ali Ertas, invited guests who attended were welcomed warmly . Ertaş closely involved with the guests , today is an important day for him , he said. Ali Ertas, \"Today is my happiest day . Too cherished and always respectful remembrance will continue deceased brother Omar Ertaş the daughter of melody with our daughter, our son Muhittin's lives are merging . Allah, both puppies to visit two world happiness bless you . Today especially worth noting seeing deceased brother's death very soon be and her precious memory the respect due to our wedding simple and quiet in a way we did. Merry currently not leave us alone all the friends I thank you , \"he said .
Guests are offered 45 separate boiler cooked in the roasting catering were .

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