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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:48

Sex Drive Brake Instead we push the gas, the truck fell Channel

Sex Drive Brake Instead we push the gas, the truck fell Channel
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Use a female truck driver in Adana Province , fell into the gas instead of the brake pressure to the irrigation canal.

Adana news: 3 girls and in return the vehicle in reverse , was rescued with the help of the surrounding citizens. According to information obtained Photo accident Yüregir , a Post Office Neighborhood Houses , occurred on Green Avenue. Ryan Sky (18) Ayşe Nur al Özoğlu that (18), Ayse Irem Kabakci (18) and IT (17) he took 01 ZM 030 van with plate set out to explore . Sky, when it comes to the Green Boulevard bend in the thrilling brake instead of the gas pressure to the steering lost pickup, after striking the iron barrier fell into the irrigation channels of DSI. Photo CITIZENS HELP OF YOUNG GIRL RAN Photo 3 friends and the driver had a small amount of water trapped in the counter-rotating tool is located in the channel .
see the events surrounding the meantime, citizens were mobilized to rescue young girls immediately . Citizens entering the channel to channel water is not pulled from the vehicle even more staying young girls stranded. Photo removed to hospital by ambulance from the event instead of the young girl was found to be in good condition . In the event that a person who's thrilled young girls hit the accelerator instead of the brake so that said channel status of the end but it was good.
Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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