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  • 28 Ağustos 2014, Perşembe 15:57

Sexual Problems in Marriage is hurting

Sexual Problems in Marriage is hurting
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Family Counselor Şeniz nature , sexual problems undermine marriage , he said.

Erzurum news: Family Counselor Şeniz nature , sexual problems undermine marriage , he said. Dogan, \"marriage sex life away from yourself abandoned , alone and causes you to feel worthless ,\"he said .
Human sexuality is very complex , sensitive and important issue , indicating that the Şeniz nature , \"Couples between the sexual desire while many different reasons emerge , but serious damage or even end of their relationship to the cause. recent years, the research reveals that the 1970s as sexual aversion rate in women was higher 1970-90 state between equalized but after 1990 until today the rate of men against increased. marital true intimacy and closeness that establishes sexuality deprived of spouses in a marriage alone is inadequate and feel pain . intense and permanent passion goes after the couple's sexual ways fully consistent avid and fulfilled unlikely to be not possible , \"he said .
Family Counselor Şeniz nature , then said:
\"of everyday life routine within topics of their interest and desire according to the bireyselleşiy up . ( shopping, watching TV , sporting events, outings , evening meals times etc etc etc ...) and do things together are becoming less day by day increasing and communicate the depth , the quality of shallow threatening . Men for expressing their feelings , especially sexual , emotional shopping decline or decrease the strength of feeling pulling themselves back up with the start . In this struggle for survival in the process of pulling back and also added high-stress work and home responsibilities , men no longer watch television instead of having sex with their wives , they prefer to do other things to keep you entertained . \"

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