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  • 06 Haziran 2013, Perşembe 21:36

Sexy and Bronze Leg 3 Rule!

Sexy and Bronze Leg 3 Rule!
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Only the lower parts of the arms or wrists There is nothing more frustrating than being tanned surroundings. Here are ways to achieve real, looks like a fake tan.

Nothing is sexier than appeared on your skin a little bit. Now work on your legs and time to create an artificial tan. Here are the basic rules for sexy legs and a bronze:


Make Peeling

Bronzlaştırıcıyı tan does not look good if you do not ride the pouch, it's a fact. By sac, dead skin cells, cleaned up and are prepared to implement a smooth skin, not wavy appearance. Therefore, always dry body brush before applying bronzlaştırıcıyı Start with the body sac.


Evenly Apply

tan legs around the back of the wrists or worse, not being busy. Even if you have to make sure that plenty of bronzlaştırıcınız, use foam or cream-colored bronzer so you can see where you are driving, and more importantly, where not take your. Rubber gloves to look flawless and wavy like to recommend that you use the sponge or powder.


Use Every Day Moisturizer

Artificial tan loves moisture, in fact, the two super friends. Refreshing Bronzlaştırıcınızı more in-depth and long-lasting tan or tan gradually applying body lotion to your skin happy using. Your legs will thank you.

Author:Yasemin Trollope , freelance writer, beauty editor, international happiness congregate digger and tweeter. He can be found @ Yaz_Turker name. Articles often The Style Glossy 's edition of Turkey is located.

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