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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 22:41

Seydikemer accident:2 dead , 1 seriously injured

Seydikemer accident:2 dead , 1 seriously injured
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Seydikem district of Muğla Fethiye-Kaş highway at 50th kilometer of the road is slippery because of the joy of diplomas in a traffic accident that occurred two young people who lost their lives , a young man was seriously injured .

Muğla news: Involved in the accident youth Fethiye Ali Sıtkı Mefharet Kocman Vocational High School greenhouse graduated and they receive a diploma after returning home they learned.
According to reports , 07 Y 6184 plate car driver with Behçet's Sandıkçı (20) and Serkan Yellow-along with their diplomas after receiving Hope kýnýk threads from the neighborhood (16) by means of Fethiye and Kas yu Plain neighborhood has turned into now . Seydikemer at the exit of the village Gölbent , due to the slippery road about 10 meters high , losing steering tumbled into the abyss . In the accident the seat belt attached drives Behcet Sandıkçı two young in the car shaking auto rescue teams tool cutting seriously injured Serkan Sarıca and Hope threads vehicles removed from ambulances in Fethiye hospitals sent .
Drive BD Sandıkçı scene of the accident died , Fethiye Tradesmen MyBB taken to a private hospital Yellow by Serkan also died despite all interventions . Regional traffic crews at the scene of another accident took measures not to be . With the families of young people who heard the crash and Kınık Plain neighborhood residents rushed to the scene of the accident and the hospital . Serkan Sarıca and Behçet Sandıkçılar relatives \"Three friends this morning separately from the neighborhood were divided . Fethiye gone. Vocational high school greenhouse section read with Behcet Sandıkçı and Serkan Sarıca at the same time their diplomas from the school have taken to the village while rotating the accident occurred ,\"they said .

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